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Ye Zuxin was forced to Land Expropriation: distressed home sub sub parents Sina entertainment news 27 am, Ye Zuxin land in micro-blog issued a reprimand home in Zhejiang Quzhou village for sewage treatment, street cadres and village cadres did not sign any agreement, no one to go home and their parents to do any work and comfort conditions expropriation of land. He lamented the occurrence of things so that he was surprised, but also feel uncomfortable and remorse, when the parents need him most, can not be accompanied by. Ye Zuxin micro-blog full text: I am from Zhejiang, Quzhou! I, my parents have been living in the countryside including now! I’ve always been proud of myself as Quzhou! I’m proud of being a farmer’s son! But I’m surprised at what happened today! Mom called me and cried! I feel sad. Village land acquisition for sewage treatment, we agree and support, but there are differences in size! But in today’s street cadres and village cadres in the absence of any agreement with their parents, no one to go home to do any work and appease the situation directly to the land and crops, forced expropriation! But also to control my parents do not let go to the scene of the incident! I want to know, two years of nearly 60 of the elderly can do? Need dozens of people to control it? Even if they don’t have anything, they still have me! So they do not do anything silly! I know my parents always copy of this part, I believe that contact with parents who understand! They never have anything to say to me, afraid to affect my work and mood! At this moment I can appreciate your helplessness and helplessness! In fact, I always think that the government of Quzhou has done a good job! It’s human nature to deal with things! But today, as an effort to start the business, the people of Quzhou, I am very shocked! I just feel sorry for myself, I can’t accompany you when my parents need me most! As a son, I am deeply ashamed!相关的主题文章:

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