Xiamen a taxi on pregnant women gave birth to baby boy pale purple car full of blood didadi

Xiamen a taxi on pregnant women gave birth to baby boy pale purple car full of blood brother Yan Huochang crane friendship company Xiamen Net – Xiamen evening news (reporter trainee reporter Yang Lili Ventura correspondent Wang Shaoliang You Cuifen) yesterday afternoon, a pregnant woman from around the agency to take a taxi to go to the Zhongshan hospital, did not expect to just get on the train soon the. Brother Yan Huochang emergency to 120 for help, and drove straight to the hospital, the maternal and infant timely rescue. The car has been panic when pregnant women cry, then shouted "to" more than 1 pm yesterday, the crane company’s brother Yan Huochang via friendship around the agency, a female passenger stopped his car. On the train, the female passengers carefully, but because she was thin, loose clothes, Yan did not perceive the female passenger is pregnant women. The female passenger’s mood is a little unusual, when the car has been crying. Yan Huochang asked her if she was uncomfortable, the woman did not answer, but said he was going to Zhongshan hospital. Car traveling less than 100 meters, the female passenger suddenly cried. Yan Huochang did not react, female passengers shouted to students, Yan Huochang quickly dialed 120 for help. 120 emergency personnel to Yan Huochang drove directly to the hospital nearby, Yan Huochang immediately drove to the. Acute when baby complexion empurples, local emergency medical personnel out of more than 700 meters away, a look back to Yan Huochang, found that the car was full of blood, the baby’s head has been exposed, but this time there is a distance from the hospital. Yan Huochang once again call 120, to inform the medical personnel, medical personnel rushed to the door to let get away. In the meantime, the woman kept shouting pain, Yan Huochang to comfort her, let her hold on. The car sped on, arrived at the hospital, the woman has given birth to a baby boy, but he has not heard the baby crying. Yan Huochang jumped off the bus, so that the medical staff came to the rescue. Yan Huochang said, this boy pale purple, the medical staff immediately in a taxi on the spot first aid, pull out the baby mouth sputum, cut the umbilical cord. An emergency, a crying baby. Subsequently, the mother and the baby was taken to hospital for treatment, this is the only way to leave. Fortunately, all the way there is no traffic jam and only encountered a red light due to the back of the taxi is full of blood, can no longer operate, Yan had to turn the car back to the company to wash. Yan Huochang is from Longyan, came to Xiamen 7 years ago, is a brother of friendship crane company. When it comes to the rescue experience, Yan Huochang said: "this is not what, at that time very panic, human life, I just want to get her safely." Yan Huochang said, fortunately, no traffic jams on the road, but only a red light, for women and infants to fight for more time to save.相关的主题文章:

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