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The "voice" network service hot 30 yuan an hour speech that the tensions of modern life and busy people to communicate with people in less time, and the popularity of smart mobile phone, derived a lot without face-to-face communication. Recently, the network appears voice service, voice coax sleep, voice online to accompany the movie, singing to you listen to, talk to voice chat bucket map, etc.. As long as you can pay to enjoy all kinds of services, such services will you try? 30 yuan an hour before this "voice chatting with your friends, to accompany you to chat typing!" Recently, the netizen "small Allison" share an interesting piece of content to a circle of friends, in the age of Internet chatting evolved version of voice version Peiliao, custom theme and interactive content can: whether it is looking for someone to accompany together, enjoy watching movies like baby being coaxed to sleep, or Tucao, amused can meet! Netizen "small Allison said," before the early adopters of virtual friends text chatting, suddenly found the emergence of the Internet has "upgrade", feeling pretty awesome. Reporters a keyword search in a network shopping platform, found that voice service is really a lot to sleep, the bell based customization, chatting…… Around the voice as a selling point, the price is generally 30 yuan per hour. In a shop, the price of 30 yuan an hour of voice services, the monthly turnover of nearly 70, praise up to 205 times. Many buyers expressed satisfaction with customer voice, commented that "cures boring". There are also comments in addition to the sound of the buyer, the object will be very good care of people. Services customized to provide a special service to the voice of the shop, said, with the ears to listen, feel the heart to derive a range of services. In the service of the shop with the sound of fighting figure chat, reality is the morning, singing, watching movies, on behalf of the voice, sleep and other 15 services, charges ranging from 5 yuan to 1600 yuan monthly a speech, to provide a platform for exchange can choose QQ or WeChat. For service items, the store said that the real time innovation, to meet the different needs of the market. Another offer a voice service shop said, in the service process, can according to the buyer before the demand, the development of different voice communication system, such as the theme, high cold, warm, adorable overbearing president can meet the fan. When asked if the purchase service will not chat, whether will be affected, the store said nothing to worry about, the services provided by the clerk will find topic chat, do not worry about the ice". Experience: to find topic chat, feel a bit awkward according to the store said that want to participate in the voice service, and to assess the test sound, comprehensive ability to communicate content, can service. After the choice of the theme to stay Meng Meng, the reporter through the WeChat account and a voice service to provide users with voice communication, in an hour of service time, from the movie about the taste of moon cake…… Because the two sides do not know, chat content is relatively stiff, one after another to find topic chat, feel a bit awkward. In an hour experience, as the reporter set up the voice of the people stay Meng, more difficult to communicate, the whole process to send voice in about 20. Expert: it is recommended to get out of the virtual world and more exchanges with friends in the reality of Wuhan Carl Jung heart y相关的主题文章:

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