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The Thanksgiving Day was cold? Expert: because it does not have the carnival nature of the data – figure: Zhengzhou middle school students’ Thanksgiving multi language table thanks. Zhou Xiaoyun photo Beijing, Beijing, November 24 (Shangguan) Halloween, Valentine’s day, christmas…… Over the years, the foreign festival in the domestic popularity rising, more and more people holiday. But belong to exotic Thanksgiving, but does not seem like the festival is so popular, more and more young people in the country is concerned with the "black Friday" shopping boom. Gao Wei, Secretary General of the Beijing Folklore Society of China (WeChat public number: cns2012), said the reporter, which to some extent, with thanksgiving has a certain religious connotation, basically not related to the nature of carnival. According to public information, Day (Thanksgiving) is a holiday in the United States and Canada, the original intention is to thank God for the good harvest. In the United States, 1941 will be officially annually on the fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day, holidays usually lasted from Thursday to Sunday. However, the reporter found that in the interview at home, this festival popularity to Halloween and Christmas par, compared to the year before Christmas, major shopping malls and shopping centers to be established for the Christmas tree, play carols and other acts, Thanksgiving treatment somewhat deserted". Ruan Yulin agency issued photo " src=" 20161123; 20161123205311.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" map: New York Thanksgiving parade held in Messi, a giant doll to attract eyeballs. Ruan Yulin agency issued photo " > map: New York Messi Thanksgiving giant doll eye. Ruan Yulin agency issued photo 22, Beijing public Liu said in an interview with reporters, did not know much about this "foreign festival", also not in favor of Thanksgiving, "we have many traditional festivals, there are many interesting customs, there is no need to blindly interested foreign festivals". "I prefer Christmas to foreign festivals, but I don’t know anything about Thanksgiving, but I’ve heard of it." Liu said, Chinese people still have their own traditional festivals will be more". "I know a little about this holiday, I know I’ll probably have a turkey, and there will be a shopping O Yumegumi." 27 year old Zhang said, but he will not have this festival, it has nothing special fun activities, usually busy". Beijing folklore association secretary general Gao Wei believes that Thanksgiving is a certain connotation of religious holiday, like Christmas as a carnival nature, not easy to arouse the interest of young people, "" cold "is not surprising". Data figure: New York Messi department store held Thanksgiving parade. China News Agency reporter Ruan Yulin photo abroad,相关的主题文章:

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