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The protection of personal information to check the source of the]11 7, the twelve session of the twenty-fourth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee voted through the "People’s Republic of China network security law". On November 7th, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress passed the "People’s Republic of China network security law" on the twenty-fourth meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People’s congress. As the basic law of our country in the field of network, it has attracted much attention and look forward to a point is the definition of personal information, and the network operators for legal liability of infringement of personal information. This is considered to provide an important legal basis for the prevention of Xu Yuyu tragedy staged again. Living in the era of big data, there is a popular saying that there is no privacy at all". Indeed, from the moment we use the Internet, it is destined to leave a variety of footprints". For example, search keywords may expose your living habits, hobbies, online shopping records could expose your address, telephone number and identity information, even usually browse the web, will also be quietly tracking machine imperceptibly". From this point of view, strengthen the network operators responsibility is necessary. A few years ago, some of the web site because of program vulnerabilities, resulting in a large number of users of personal information is exposed. Reflection on these cases, although there are reasons of hacker attacks and other objective technical level, but the operator is not strong sense of responsibility of the problem can not be ignored. For example, the user registration information is stored in individual operators "express", even the basic encryption are not conscious, so that criminals just got a copy of the data table, will be able to "hit" the way to easily get the same account in multiple platform access, exacerbated by the loss of customers. In addition, some operators ignore the supervision and management of employees, resulting in a number of user information was readily leaked and even trading. All in all, either subjective or objective reasons, must be clear through the network operators legal responsibility to forced management responsibility. However, when we emphasize the close relationship between big data and personal information security at the same time, the other side also can not ignore the problem, namely the personal information as a part of personal privacy, not only exists in the virtual world of the internet. In the "network security law" passed, Hubei police informed of the case together reselling personal information: a local business consulting to the name of the company, in recent years many times through the QQ and WeChat buying and reselling personal information of citizens totaling more than 30, illegal profits more than 18 yuan. Surprisingly, it has more than reselling mobile phone number, address and other common personal information, and the name of the individual vehicle and even mobile phone positioning, it seems that as long as buyers willing to pay, no other can provide information. Compared to the Internet search a bit of sports shoes, and then there is a platform for the relevant shop as you may be interested in the link recommended, apparently the case of the police notified the problem is more serious. If the former is a kind of "sky net" the use of personal information, then after a case of "precision strike". Such a phenomenon is more common in reality than on the network, such as your car insurance is about to expire, not only to buy insurance companies call, did not deal with the insurance company also called. What about the personal information of the consulting firm相关的主题文章:

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