The original monk Battle of the Southern Song Dynasty to the first overall victory — Anhui Gold Cha

The original monk: Battle of the Southern Song Dynasty to the first overall victory — Anhui gold channel — original title: monk original War: the Southern Song Dynasty to Jin first overall victory in the ancient regime period, if you want to get the south, you must first take Sichuan, then by boat from Sichuan Road East, is a formidable attack. Tang said: "Wang Jun under the sea is about three Yizhou", at the end, after the demise of Shu, Wu also difficult to protect themselves, the Western Jin Dynasty general Wang Rui led the navy to go forward with great strength and vigour starting from Sichuan, the way to Jiangdong to destroy Wu, unified the world. Because from the military geography, east of the river, are from the Western origin, occupies the west, is to occupy the rivers upstream, downstream from here, in the middle and lower reaches are well controlled, nature can sweep away the millions of enemy troops. Therefore, the ancients believed that from Soochow, taking Sichuan. The Song period of Jin Dynasty, also aware of the truth. After the demise of the Southern Song Dynasty in the Northern Song Dynasty, just set up soon, Jin non-stop keep offensive. The road was broken the line, forced Song Gaozong into a vast sea, at the same time, they also know that the first to occupy Sichuan, completely achieved commanding strategic advantage, and then east to the formation of the Southern Song Dynasty outflank. While the north is next to the Sichuan region isqin long, so at the junction of Qin Shu, is the Southern Song Dynasty and the military encounter lots of gold. In 1130, the Southern Song Dynasty in Fuping and gold in front of the first Qin Chuan war in the Southern Song Dynasty, had a very embarrassed, the number of troops several times in the Southern Song Dynasty Jinbing, but because the commander’s incompetence and cowardice, but to suffer a big battle, suffered heavy losses, and retreat. This withdrawal, have resulted in the rear of the original monk highlights in front of the Jinbing, front and rear is the original Hanzhoung monk. Some generals in the Southern Song Dynasty were afraid to play, so it was suggested that the overall contraction of the front, all retreat to Hanzhoung. Hanzhoung, the year is the Northern Expedition Zhu Geliang, Shu Han and Wei in the demarcation line. At that time there were two brothers: Wu Jie, Wu Lin, is the Southern Song Dynasty generals, they are strongly opposed to the plan that a retreat, monk original geographical location is very important, can not be lost. As if to hold the original would be a monk, a stronghold in the front, Jinbing want to attack the Hanzhoung, do not open around it. When on the offensive and defensive battle, one of the guards is not simply to defend their positions, but also to build a fort, deep into the enemy camp, effectively impeding the enemy’s attack. Wu brothers on the strategic significance of the original and very thorough analysis: if the Jinbing attack in Sichuan, the original monk is their greatest hindrance; if they want to bypass the original monk attack, and then the original monk is to let them sleep a nail, a threat to their rear, "I guarantee this, I dare not the enemy in! The hardtop, he had followed my fear." Thus, the two sides in the original war. In May 1131, tens of thousands of Jinbing in under the command of Ulu, equivalent to the original monk launched an offensive, but only a few thousand hands Wu Jie is temporary retreat from a completely defeated army, the army deployed out. But because Wu Jie command properly, use the steep terrain effectively blocked the enemy in 1915 after Jinbing, retreat to the cattle shop, just hit.)相关的主题文章:

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