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The movie "the table girl" September 6th Hefei boot – Sohu (entertainment concept poster) by the Hefei sound book culture dissemination limited company produced by 80 funded film fan Shao served as producer, the famous film director Du Ming served as director of the modern drama "girl" (aka "the dinner table girl II") on September 6th in Hefei boot the film, will be a Anhui "the most exquisite" movie. "The table girl" script ingenious, the story is full, the table network movie is raging like a storm, feeling, quality, connotation. The film was about a scheming Zhao Yumeng, Mensao type rebellious self dare to love and hate Liu Silian, coquettish love money is not the bottom line of the table in the garden, girl. Everyone knows the table complex personnel, and Zhao Yumeng in such a fashion, can stick to the bottom line in clean environment, there is a conflict with the identity of the table when love girl, people may have in society under the influence may be deceived, have wronged, more willingly and gladly pay, they had "cheated", "extortion" after the mature. Plain simple warm family life is the best, the contradiction of the first one still choose love. The film is more worthy of appreciation. Liang Chaobiao, director of publicity, said: the film looks more contradictory and love intertwined, stubborn and true feelings of friction, tenderness and tears off. Not only is the most talked about the stunning "dinner girls" secret story in the story, revealing their humanity, emotion, life circumstances, the theme is very good, the content source of life and more sublimation, we are in the planning or design in an ingenious visual feast. For example, we in the shooting, in the modelling, in the clothing accessories, in line construction and so on, all excellence, exquisite and beautiful. Strive for a comprehensive and in-depth characterization of the urban theme of youth, ethics film. The whole film for everyone to pass the correct, full of positive energy social life prescription, for our happiness index to find growth points." It is reported that the Hefei Sound Book Culture Communication Co. Ltd this year shooting "love", love murder thriller film "the love of Qionghua", "old drama" and other subjects of the pole network movie, worthy of attention.相关的主题文章:

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