The man who killed three women raped by experts in the field forged bone language hunt (video) t420s

The man who killed three women raped by experts in the field "forged bone language" murder by August 28, 2016, originating in the 1988 Gansu silver series successfully solved murder rape, killing 11 women suspect Gao Chengyong arrested! And let the police finally accurate lock Gao Chengyong, it is his life password – DNA-Y gene map. In Nantong City Public Security Bureau, one in 10 years ago by DNA detection, especially the detection of old bones of the famous National Forensic experts. His clothes from a deep underground for many years, a piece of bones cell content trace, even people with mixed use items, accurate to extract DNA genome from a vast uncovered a vicious killer. He is the Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau Interpol detachment technical team captain, known as the bone language password expert Jia Dongtao. Yangzi Evening news media reporter Guo Xiaochuan Nantong public security "the first signs" he "is" the prototype of Interpol captain pumping his blood test of the 42 year old Jia Dongtao, not only to help the public security organs at all levels uncovered more than and 500 cases of difficult backlog, Jiangsu province public security system has become the youngest criminal "technical expert" by the Ministry of public security, a personal citation etc.. He founded the Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau DNA laboratory, has been awarded the National Key Laboratory of the Ministry of public security and the national first-class DNA laboratory. In the field of detection technology polished Nantong Interpol "can fight" the first sign. He was in Nantong City Public Security Bureau police detachment, was named after the State Council as special combat interpol". Jia Dongtao was born in Hebei, Luannan Province in 1998, from the West China University of Medical Sciences in the distribution of forensic expertise to the Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau in forensic work in. August 2001, the Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau decided to establish DNA laboratory. Jia Dongtao was entrusted with the task. The laboratory started, 27 year old Jia Dongtao put the lab into their home, room and board are inside. In the use of immunological methods to do routine blood tests, the need to use fresh blood as an indicator of blood samples. It is difficult to find the fresh blood at dead of night, he pulls out his own blood before and after smoking for 30 times. This experience has also been moved on the hit TV series "Interpol captain" screen; another time, a slipper seized from a crime scene, may have left the criminal DNA. Can be detected, the shoes are mixed use, DNA difficult to distinguish. Jia Dongtao will find slippers, their repeated trial, in order to accurately find the wearer’s DNA information. According to statistics, since 2010, Jia Dongtao’s team tested more than 3 cases of various cases, cracked more than 7000 criminal cases. 2002 to 2003, 2005 to 2006, 2010 to 10 2015 this year for the murder of the whole break. "Wire stripping" repeated tests, a little bit to spell out the murderer "appearance" "broken, too good!" July 6th of this year, the Ministry of public security sent a detective report so that Jia Dongtao excited. This is the case, this year and Gansu silver super serial killer case is listed as the Ministry of public security listing supervise 9 cases of the Guiyang Huaxi series of murder cases. Thousands of miles away with murder, why let Jia Dongtao field相关的主题文章:

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