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The introduction of new comrade Cai Junjie to have a unique style of self – Entertainment Sohu   female is not calm; "real man" in season second? Air force article Sohu entertainment news Friday 20:20, jointly produced by the empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second? Air force article to the fiery staged. Before the three phase of the program, the first step of the eight Air Force recruits advanced to "real soldiers" in Thor commando completed, this program, the recruits in the monitor under the leadership of Wang Wei into the same forces in the air force ace – the "hero camp". Facing the environment and the test of new recruits, whether to also continue to break through the limits of self attention, but the familiar monitor Wang Wei, will guide the recruits in the "hero camp" and a new instructor, monitor the soldiers or wipe out what kind of spark, watching this program will know. I still remember the first entered Thor commandos, monitor and recruits when they meet their self introduction is concise and comprehensive, name, age, place of origin as the standard mode, turn out not dragging its feet, for the first time feel the army recruits simple and neat style, "veteran" Li Rui in self reported age to accidentally trigger Sun Yang smile the point, Sun Yang was punished for laughing scene has impressive self introduction, this "every rhythm" also fixed in the audience’s mind. However, the guide into the "hero camp", what is the factor to strengthen the female "boast" ability and stimulate the body hidden "Xianv" style, this program will let you feel the "it’s self introduction". In the first day of camp hero ", the new recruits that ushered in a new comrades, the comrades will be accompanied by new recruits with acceptable guide" test and training camp the next hero ". "My name is Cai Junjie, born in 1995, Jiangsu, Nantong," Cai Junjie to the standard version of the barracks to introduce new recruits. Huang Zitao immediately cool replied: "my name is Huang Zitao, and I live together You’ll see. what kind of person I am." And see the new fellow female who was no longer calm, Shen Mengchen had to boast elegant and dignified atmosphere of good words "self introduction," boast "that could not help himself, shame, immediately encountered Yang Mi:" I thought that everything she says is not really a "severe" correction ", and Liyan Tong when Cai Junjie heard what age issued a kind of reminder" Yang Mi exclaimed that you don’t say, "women opt for a" sister to protect you, don’t let male soldiers bully you "why male soldiers heroic utterance to" face chip "? More exciting, please look forward to. Regardless of the length of time, monitor, instructors, the soldiers of the company will leave an indelible imprint on the eight Air Force recruits training journey, and witnessed the recruits the interweaving and metamorphosis. In the new journey, the new recruits will bring us what kind of moving and laughter, lock Hunan satellite TV, the evening of November 11th 20:20, "real man" in the second quarter of the air force continues to wait.相关的主题文章:

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