The car carrying the man fell into the pond more than 10 villagers came together to rescue (F

The car carrying the man fell into the pond   more than 10 villagers came together to rescue (Figure) – Jiangxi Channel – October 22nd, speaking of the day before the scene, who lives in the New District of Nanchang city Xiangshan Town, more than and 70 year old bear full of gratitude. The 21 day, he rode the electric tricycle accidentally fell into the pond, rescued more than 10 people. We work together and rescued the old bear his tricycle ashore. (by witnesses shooting) according to reports, the old bear riding a tricycle carrying fertilizer to rape fertilization, as he cycled past arrogant natural village head village wedding a small stone bridge, the bridge are not smooth, together with the car inside the fertilizer not flat, caused by the electric vehicle center unstable the old bear, Lianren car fell into the pond under the bridge together. "When the old man fell down, some of the Meng, a time not to come." The time of the incident, Xiangshan town Party committee member Chen Xinmin happened to pass by, and seeing the rescue scene, according to him, the pond water depth of 1.7 meters, and some cool. Juncturethe villagers rushed to the old bars beside the hoe bear let him catch. Hearing the cries for help, many residents of the surrounding quickly ran over. "There are more than and 10 people together, help the people pulled out of the water, to help him put on dry clothes." In the concerted efforts of all the people, the electric tricycle was quickly dragged up. Because there are not many young people in the village, basically the elderly and women to save." Involved in the rescue of the trailer 79 year old Xiong Quanchai said. Because the rescue in time, the old bear body does not matter. (commissioning editor Wu Ruo and Mao Siyuan)相关的主题文章:

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