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The 9 chart to see the hundred dollar bills in the history of the evolution of the hundred dollar bills, everyone is used in everyday life, but you know that in the past one hundred years, it has changed? 1935 — 100 can buy 4 thousand pounds of rice in the early anarchy currency is quite obvious, the National Bank and commercial bank, construction bank, foreign and joint venture banks, Bank of provinces and cities, and even the shop name will be able to issue banknotes, currencies and local currency, until the government ordered reform, finally began to unify note issue. How much can we buy before the war of resistance? In Chongqing you can buy four thousand pounds of rice, you can buy more than and 300 pounds of pork in Hankou. Now want to come, in 30s, the hundred dollar bills is not a small number. During the Anti Japanese War to the Civil War — God knows you can buy what war is the most expensive. After the Anti Japanese War and civil war, the government of the Republic of China military tight Large Print currency unification circulation. From 1945 to 1948, the government of the Republic of China issued about 550000000000 yuan, nearly 400 times more than before the war. This situation, natural currency devalues quickly, also in 1927 with a $100 bill to buy two cows, after ten years can buy a briquettes. Jinyuanquan — can only buy 2/1000 four or five grains of rice in order to reverse the situation of stable prices, the government decided to implement the currency reform in 1948, money, gold, silver and foreign currencies were required to be converted into jinyuanquan. After less than a year, one hundred yuan yuan can buy a 2/1000 point four or five grains of rice. It is said that Shanghai was the wages of the scene is that here is interesting in Xinjiang in May 1949 the value of 6 billion notes, coupons fold alloy round is ten thousand yuan, at the Shanghai price to count about can buy 77 grains of rice. The people’s Bank of China issued the first set of RMB before and after 1950, the first set of RMB was gradually extended to the whole country and became the only legal currency. To the early years of the Republic, one hundred yuan can buy eight hundred pounds of rice or more than and 130 pounds of pork, the monthly income of twenty yuan of ordinary city workers can live a good life. Hundred dollar bills arena lost…… The last century in the late 50s to early 60s, a variety of goods, especially food because you know the scarce, one hundred yuan can only buy fifty cakes (and today almost). But then there is no one hundred yuan, because the maximum amount of second yuan in the initial release, but only $ten. Three years after the introduction of natural disasters, the circulation of the third sets of RMB, the largest denomination of a little larger, the block of ten. Take ten of the largest denomination of the RMB can buy a total of more than and 100 pounds of pork or eggs, nearly seven hundred pounds of rice, or a total of two thousand pounds of vegetables. 8 of the last century, at the beginning of 90s, 100 yuan can buy 70 pounds of pork reform spring breeze Montreal, hundred dollar bills to live up to expectations. April 27, 1987, the people’s Bank of China since April 27, 1987, has issued fourth sets of RMB, hundred dollar bills and resurrection. When s相关的主题文章:

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