Suzhou property market has full moon the price of second-hand housing turnover double down

Suzhou property market has "full moon" the price of second-hand housing turnover double down in August 12th, Suzhou restriction policy landing, as of now, the new deal has "full moon landing". Policy for the impact of second-hand housing market in Suzhou is emerging. Not only the volume has declined, the average transaction price is gradually reduced. According to the real world data research center statistics, from August 12th to 9 to 11, Suzhou second-hand housing a total turnover of 6671 sets, 6852 sets of the chain by July 12th to August 11th one month period, a decrease of 181 units, a decline of 2.64%, the total turnover area of 827374.87 square meters, the ring cycle increases, or 8.25%; Housing turnover 5981 units, a decline of 377, a decline of 5.93%, residential area of 601305.33 square meters, a decline of 8.80%. In terms of price, Suzhou second-hand housing prices fell in July, which is the first decline in prices in recent years, Suzhou continued to rise. The price is still down in August, and the decline in July compared to the negative increase, breaking the curse of rising prices, second-hand housing prices gradually calm down. From the county total turnover situation, during the period from August 12th to September 11th, in addition to Wujiang area of 16072 were increased (the purchase of the policy does not include Wujiang), other counties have declined, the largest decline in Xiangcheng District, 19%, Wuzhong District and high tech Zone were also up to 17.36% and 14.54%, Suzhou District and the park down quite that was 6.16% and 6.33%; from the District Housing turnover situation, in the meantime, also in addition to Wujiang turnover growth, other counties were generally fell, which, Xiangcheng District reduced 159 units, a decline of 23.21%, and the Wuzhong District high tech Zone were also reduced by 200 units and 123 units, down 19.47% and 14.78%. Insiders admitted that throughout the whole, the implementation of the purchase policy since this month, whether it is from the city’s total turnover, or from the district (except Wujiang) transactions, exist generally downward trend, although the purchase of the policy is more moderate, but still have certain effect.相关的主题文章:

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