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Super convenient travel from the national day outside the 10 airport shopping can brush Alipay drawing Xie Yao yesterday, Alipay and the Munich Airport, Tokyo Narita International Airport, the world’s ten largest airport to achieve cooperation, since the national day to start cooperation, airport will be opened for the first time for Alipay, Alipay and China tourists pay service idle away in seeking pleasure. Domestic Internet companies with the largest airport industry cooperation start. Yesterday, Alipay announced the launch of "global future airport plan, future overseas tourists at the airport, not only can use Alipay consumer, can also remind, flights by Alipay indoor navigation, a key called the car battery and other services. The cooperation with Alipay outside the airport, half of the throughput ranked in the global TOP30 airport, Munich Airport, Singapore Changi International Airport, Seoul Incheon International Airport, including. The 10 overseas airports will be relying on the Alipay platform, visitors to create no cash consumption and a key to find the airport service for Chinese exit idle away in seeking pleasure. The tourists to the airport, Alipay through big data analysis of tourists preferences, targeted push businesses offer, and use what places to inform the nearby location idle away in seeking pleasure for a second, let strangers become familiar with the airport business district. Consumer payment, visitors can directly brush Alipay pay, but also to spend it, Yu Ebao ant deductions, both convenient and fast, but also avoid the foreign exchange and the change of the trouble. In recent years, the rapid growth of domestic outbound tourists. In the first half of this year, the number of outbound tourists reached 59 million 30 thousand passengers, an increase of 4.3%. For outbound tourists travel demand, Alipay in the global promotion plan "in the future, the airport will later have more overseas airport application of alipay. Osaka Kansai International Airport official said, is looking forward to the cooperation with Alipay, the cooperation between the two sides will bring no cash consumption and convenient service for tourists Chinese. By the end of October, KansaiApt Airport will achieve nearly 100% of Alipay coverage. In recent years, the process of Alipay internationalization gradually increase. As of August this year, in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other regions, Alipay has access to a line under more than 80 thousand merchant stores. (China Travel News Network)相关的主题文章:

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