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Students wear clothes Chinese experience "adult ceremony" – Liaoning Channel – original title: students wear clothes during the experience Chinese rite day, Dabao’en Temple Ruins Park launched a modified version of the "six garden", promote the Chinese traditional culture activity has also attracted many foreign friends to experience the traditional culture Chinese group. "Yi, worship, handrails, high up……" At half past nine in the morning, Nanjing Dabao’en Temple Ruins Park, an adult ceremony is being held in ancient style (Figure). 8 foreign students dressed in Chinese clothes stood in two rows, according to the requirements of a step by step to complete all the rituals, although they are foreigners, but with such action, handrails, bow do youmoyouyang. All of the students from the Southeast University overseas college, from Nepal, let the students with a cell phone the whole process. Thapa said that this is his first experience of "adult ceremony", are interested in all aspects. Six, is the ancient Confucian China requires students to master the book, number, rites and music, royal, shoot six basic to. During the national day, Dabao’en temple ruins park also set up a modified version of the "six" project. Such as "book" is written in calligraphy, the number is playing tangram, "Yu" is riding a wheelbarrow, "shot" is a play. The reporter saw in the District, calligraphy, Ms. ran was holding her three year old son and a hand writing calligraphy teaching. Ms. ran told reporters: now there is little chance to contact with such a Chinese culture, let the children feel is very meaningful." The National Day period, and can change 200 kinds of light effects of the Thanksgiving tower, also lit a "red China" model, projection tower "peace and prosperity, I love China" greetings, celebrate the motherland birthday, add festive city. (soup: dragon, commissioning editor Xiao Yuan)相关的主题文章:

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