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Stars deserve take the price paid? [Abstract] if the movie box office, now those hundreds of billions, it only shows that the film side to the star million salary, is worth. Author: Yang Shiyang (Tencent · column author, film critic.) Color value is productivity, lipstick economy is also the economy. At this time, it seems that there should be no doubt. But sometimes, the face of the value of the value of their profitability is indeed too much more than other industries, it is important that the artist and this career is too conspicuous, while making a profit easily relaxed. At this time often arouse some people’s dissatisfaction. People who have been tortured by their work are not fair. So, this time for the entertainment of the "price paid" criticism and pressure is not too surprising. Although we all feel that it is difficult to control the price paid for the landing, but in fact, it really can perform is one thing, the human mind remains the "price control" thinking is another. Luhan is one hundred million price to do "choose day mind" objectively speaking, compared to other industries, Chinese entertainment industry is one of the industry is relatively the highest level of the market, in addition to some policy restrictions, it is not the access mechanism is high, there is no basis for the administrative monopoly, it is good to leave or enter, basically by screening the audience — of course, except those drug whoring out. From this point of view, the artist’s price has a relatively mature market pricing mechanism is often calibrated. For the pricing mechanism in this case, the less external intervention, the price will be closer to the real needs. The forced intervention can only make some clear rules into the unspoken rule, the price becomes dark value, the film side to pay the cost is not small, may also become more, because of the need to pay more costs to cope with the external force, and must find ways to lose the market. Chinese is an experienced the transition from planned economy to market economy country, than the "90 generations" older still remain with the planned economy memory brand, so when confronted with some problems, especially on the price issue, naturally think of using the price control administrative means, rather than market-oriented means of adjustment, or whether prices paid. The star of the high paid fire, a public enemy of the premise, is too bad. Some movie stars and star power, but with such a high salary, there will always be people who think, must be "a pipe, it seems that they found some of the root cause is paid to blame. The budget is fixed, if most of the stars are taken away, what else is left? Where is the money do special effects? Where do you have a good screenwriter? But this logic belongs to the kind of specious. The film side of the budget actually spent in what place, of course has its own calculation, which is for the audience to watch the budget at a glance, what are the insiders to see very clear-sighted doorway, which is the face, what is this thing without lining, outsiders to say, because in the end, the film side will work into the market check the box office. If the movie box office, now those hundreds of billions, it only shows that the film side to the stars.相关的主题文章:

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