Shen the third season all the big support to detonate adrenal hormones (video)

"Shen" the third season all the big support of adrenal hormones "Shen 3 detonate" first episode of Tencent entertainment high value network drama — "Thriller Yan Shen" in the third quarter at eight tonight at the Tencent exclusive video broadcasting, the atmosphere of horror is sweeping the country. The film side has released a group of star ID, the famous singer Hu Haiquan, director Wang Yuelun, because "The Legend of Zhen Huan" is familiar, "Zhang Xiaolong biography" in the MI month "Meng Junjie Mao win" and other fields of the big show support, have said that if you do not see the "Shen" life didn’t have fun tonight, a strange we struck, shut the doors and windows ready? All big mysterious join performances expected after 3 months of waiting, the new upgrade of the sense of horror "Shen" in the third quarter and finally season this autumn is full of gorgeous regression! Compared with the previous two quarters, the third quarter has a big support from different areas! Singer Hu Haiquan see personal interpretation of nausea and vomiting live octopus; Director Wang Yuelun said he grew up watching zombie films, "Shen" on season third of the zombie plot is looking forward; actors Junjie Mao and Zhang Xiaolong as the genie was possessed, tell us to be cautious point "". Four large coffee franchise so personal recommendation is undoubtedly another "cautious" certainly the third season story. Will they play a role in the third season of "Shen Dian", and what will happen if they play? What kind of performance will bring to the audience? Let us wait and see. Beauty eat live octopus in August has been a thrilling thriller choice called "Shen", once launched will emit a big move, refresh users visit, the flaming lips energy-saving open "chowhound" mode, to challenge the dark cuisine – raw live octopus. Live octopus in the palm of wanton peristalsis, full of sticky sucker give dying kicks clinging to the beauty of the hand. In the face of the unique "delicacy" so hardcore, beautiful charming face cheerfully showing pleasure like smile, my face is full of temptation rendez vous, fine high moment very fear to the audience’s heart beat with a strong needle. In exposed stills, the beauty of the nostrils seems to have a mysterious species, friends shouted: "want to look but not see!". The four aspect comprehensive analysis of high over the city. As a series, in the first two seasons has won an excellent reputation and playback rate, "behind the scenes" in the third quarter of Shen also decided this department has more eyes: she playfully in all the beauty in the interpretation of thriller atmosphere the diversity of life, good to hear or see the flavor, set thriller and seductive in one; a short but exquisite plot reversal burning brain continue to test IQ, each episode final outcome is often beyond all expectations, people hooked; room, bed, street, office and other large living space has a very real sense, mass the fine dark picture looks at the very fear no more than stimulate the senses; moreish. It is reported that the "Shen" third season by the new director silon directed, Sun Baozhu, Du Feng Xin Yi, Chen Mengyao, Zhang Jingqi, Liu Miao, Zhong Lili, Li Jiayi, Ma Muxuan, Ho Suo, Li Xiangxuan and the beautiful handsome Co star. For pictures, visual and video Tencent jointly produced the master.相关的主题文章:

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