Shanghai police used sonar technology to capture illegal unit 30 daily capture (video) invictus gaming

Shanghai police used sonar technology to capture unit to capture 30 illegal daily since September 2016, Shanghai began to pilot the use of sonar technology to capture the illegal unit, through this initiative to provide assistance for the field of law enforcement, illegal evidence lock. In November 7th, surging news () reporter from Shanghai Jingan police that the pilot nearly two months since the amount of illegal unit within the jurisdiction of the pilot section decreased, the intersection of the vehicle retention phenomenon is also improved. Sonar system to capture the whistle Yanan road vehicles showed a special corrugated Shanghai city Huashan Road intersection, a striking yellow warning sign marks the "electronic police capture illegal sounding words, while the vehicle license plate information to be published on suspicion of illegal unit. This is a new measure of science and technology of Shanghai City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps pilot is currently using sonar technology and field of law enforcement "combination of illegal unit. 14:33 on November 6th Xu, a Shanghai brand cars through the intersection of illegal sounding sonar system, was caught by. Owner Mr. Du argued that in front of multiple vehicles stranded in the intersection, may be other owners in order to remind the speaker. The police to produce the intercept sonar technology after capturing display screen, a whistle mobile vehicles showed the special color of the "ripple", also clearly shows the license number of mr.. At this point, Mr. Du admitted indeed according to the horn, to accept punishment. According to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps, illegal vehicle unit has been investigated there are many difficulties, the sound source of precise positioning, the police often cannot be directly on the vehicle forensics. As the auxiliary means in the field of law enforcement, sonar technology unit will capture the illegal interception of 6 photos from the scene, which has both practical vehicle "ripple" the whole panorama, will also have the car license plate picture, these photos will be the first time sent to the technical background, easy to find suspected illegal traffic police the vehicle unit in the database, provide auxiliary evidence. According to the Shanghai police department statistics, from September 21st to November 6th, Yanan Huashan road sonar capture system were captured from the illegal behavior of unit 1380, a daily average of 30, a total of more than 100 auxiliary police punishment. Capture the ball recognition "blacklist" and issued a reminder in addition to sonar technology, the improvement of traffic to Jingan police also put into use "mobile capture ball" model illegal capture recorder, this small cylindrical instrument is arranged at the bottom of the magnet, can be adsorbed in the police car or by police on duty carry, follow the police moved to the corresponding intersection of traffic violations behavior of photo evidence. Capture the ball precision shooting distance of about 50 meters, not only has a rotatable HD camera, and automatic recognition of the "black list" function: as long as the clone car, vehicle robbery and other illegal vehicle brands and other key information input, it can identify the special vehicle with a warning, the police intercepted and convenient. In addition, after the set, evidence of illegal traffic capture and save the ball format of electronic police capture storage format to facilitate police review to determine exactly the same. At present, 8 ball capture has been put into use in Tianmu Road, Hengfeng Road, ShangHai Railway Station and other surrounding traffic busy area, to effectively identify violations of the rate reached 90%, 8 hours daily capture amount)相关的主题文章:

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