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Refueling! To the future "Sa Beining magic debut let water hover – Sohu" magic "entertainment small and let the water stop Sohu entertainment news this Sunday at 8 pm, CCTV-1"! To the future "will usher in the ending of the war. By Liu Yiwei to escape jikejuan composed of gas composition team will partner with Hu He Wong Cho Lam’s future science team started the battle of wits and witness the final phase of the scientific journey of carnival. Sa Beining contributed to the magic show "water drop" real existence? "Pirates of the Caribbean shaking group" drops of water in the hover fragments become classic effects. And "come on! To the future "ending the night, xiaosa is staged for the first time since he presided over a career magic show — drop hover. The lower part of the bracket is made of steel, when the water drops along the nozzle irregular landing, small and raised their hands and shouting "stop", the guests and the audience of the water droplets in the presence actually stopped, and all this without the aid of any computer effects. "Drip hovering" real existence? Four guests launched a heated debate, what is the scientific principle, the mystery to be solved. Newspaper fried eggs or cause an explosion Liu Yiwei actually escape doing food newspaper fried eggs will not lead to an explosion? A cooking experience will have doubts on this issue, and the program started delicacy Liu Yiwei is even more clear and Sa Beining argue. In the verification process, goggles and headset configuration seems to indicate the explosion happens. Liu Yiwei was invited to participate in the verification process of the experiment, when the oil is heated to a certain extent, Liu Yiwei also began to avoid the process of the birth of this food. Newspaper fried eggs, whether it can be successful, Liu Yiwei gourmet chair reputation can be kept, suspense urgent to crack. Chinese first hand caught car Hercules because actually? The first Chinese Hercules martial arts champion dragon once again came to the "gas! To the future ". Before performing the "ice breaking" the key "to the enemy" and other scientific experiments to the audience left a lot of wonderful impression to the dragon, the challenge of the project is "bare handed catch car, car facing the unit of weight in tons, in the ordinary view, want to grab the hand is a very impossible. The dragon is successful by a tube to hold the hands of the floor of the car mentioned on the platform. The magic that is fantastic, Hercules power extremely "secrets" brought the car or otherwise? The answer is about to float on Sunday. Last night, scientific experiments, a comprehensive upgrade to the "science Carnival", an upgraded version of crazy linkage show scientific version of the "painting", while Hu He, Wong Cho Lam, Liu Yiwei, jikejuan escape "science without borders" analysis of both funny and shows the entertainment star is actually a small encyclopedia of knowledge". Wonderful still not section, science is still amazing, this Sunday evening at 8 CCTV-1! To the future "happy ending the war started!相关的主题文章:

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