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Old Beijing Mid Autumn Festival "August Festival" during the festival on   festival culture people.com.cn original title: old Beijing festival in August fifth generation of Cacalia Lord Zhang Zhongqiang’s August fifteen pictures from the "lucky draw" artist Beijing Shou rides an elephant "rabbit man love August day?" "Like it!" "Why do you like it?" "To eat moon cake, buy a rabbit!" This is the dialogue between adults and children when I was a kid, and I could hear them from August to april. For children, every year only to the August Festival, pastry shop (i.e. pastry shop) to sell mooncakes, people can eat mooncakes; to buy a rabbit, put on the table watching play. Lively August Festival, is one of the most popular children’s festival, but also a few decades later, my most vivid memories of old Beijing. Stall figure August day multi day in August, Beijing is the old people of the mid autumn festival known, also called the festival of reunion, moon cake festival. This day is the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. According to historical records: this festival originated in the pre Qin emperors because of "heaven" and the festival month. When the Tang Dynasty folk worship, the moon rise fifteen in August. After the Song Dynasty formed a fixed festival. In my memory, when I was young, a lunar new year in August, careful people will find a pastry shop door hanging under the dripping eaves decorated with red cloth rectangular red badge (equivalent to children under the guise of teahouse, pub) on the word changed. Usually, the cards are written on the children are: all kinds of cakes, fine stuffing cake, big eight, small eight, etc.. Then, respectively write tiles: "Beijing style moon cake", "Canton (Guangdong) style moon cake", "Su style moon cake (Jiangsu), Yunnan (Yunnan) style moon cake, moon cake pulp" and "suede moon cake", "pastry cakes", "red water", "white water" and so on. This is to tell people, in August of this year’s home run pastry shop, what flavor moon cake. One to the beginning of August ten, you see it, the street is hilarious. The moon cake stalls, fruit stalls selling "Moonlight horse" of the stalls, sell the production stalls, sell with branches edamames stalls, selling cockscomb and other flowers stand, one by one. Even the pastry shop, also in its own window in the front of the booth, people have to buy. The top of poor people will buy two pieces of unsolicited red or white water, cut into several small teeth in the night of the festival, family and eat, August day! Also buy pastries should, even if adults do not eat to eat to the child. "Moonlight horse" is also called "rabbit", "moon code". This is a kind of wood watercolor prints, the fragrant candle shop and Nanzhi stores also buy a. The elders can reach seven or eight feet, and the short ones are also about two or three feet. The upper picture of the lunar star gentleman (the moon) and like the legendary anhangong, the lower half is a rabbit as people stood holding a map pestle. The festival, which will be used to paste the sorghum stalk do shelf, placed behind offering table. There are kinds of offerings on the table, moon cake, watermelon, apples, grapes, lotus root, with branches of edamame, cockscomb, some people have the offerings of muskmelon, Shaguo, fragrant fruit (commonly known as the "Beijing area Hulache"), champagne, persimmon)相关的主题文章:

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