Linyi San Yuan Yubo milk drink after the break and liquid agglomeration is unknown magicq

Linyi: Mr. Gao San Yuan Yubo milk drink after the break and unknown caking liquid Hedong District of Linyi in September this year at a local nursery shop for children to buy a box of Synutra milk, spent nearly 1200 dollars. However, in the process of eating milk powder Synutra, just opened less than a week the Synutra milk powder inside problems. According to the "life circle" reports, Mr. Gao told then, drank a few days, he saw the energy-saving house there was a big lump, there are liquid after the break apart. Mr. Gao has bought a box of milk drink Synutra, this is third barrels, and sealed, in the process of feeding milk, did not drop into the water, there is such a situation, let him worry. So the caking energy-saving is what? Mr. Gao’s child was two years old, worried that the child drank the milk powder, will not have any impact? Now want to explain to the manufacturers, the yellow liquid is what? In order to make clear the energy-saving pot why and caking of unknown liquid, Mr. Gao found to buy milk stores Xinbao qinzaiyueyuan understand the situation. The store said this situation is not met, the situation that caking milk, is not caused by human factors, and claimed to have put this situation to the Linyi Synutra milk dealers. According to the store’s guidance, Mr. Gao met the person in charge of energy-saving Hedong District of Linyi, according to this phenomenon, Linyi milk dealer salesman said, this is the water and milk mixed together, a little yellow, milk, water and lactose in the collision process, prone to crystallization, the formation of a caking. For the problem of milk powder agglomeration, Shengyuan milk powder dealers said only individual phenomenon, and will not affect the quality of milk. However, such an answer, Mr. Gao does not agree. What is the cause of the hope that manufacturers can conduct testing, in line with the responsible attitude of consumers, give a reasonable explanation.相关的主题文章:

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