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Liaoning detected 32 batches of substandard food for the batch of food and beverage Liaoning food and Drug Administration issued food safety supervision and sampling information, 32 batches of substandard food was exposed by the. Shenyang produced 1 batches of cane pepper skin due to the total number of colonies exceed the standard on the black list. Provincial Food and drug administration has organized the Municipal Food and drug administration departments in accordance with the food safety law, food safety sampling inspection management approach and other laws and regulations, involving substandard food production, business units investigated and dealt with according to law. Our province exposure of 32 batches of substandard food this time released seasoning products, aquatic products, beverages and other 7 categories of food safety supervision and sampling information, 469 enterprises covering 17 provinces, a total of 924 batches, sampling project involves 133 index. Detected substandard food 32 batches, the failure rate was 3.46%. Among the 16 batches of substandard beverage foods, there are 14 batches of microbial indicators of Pseudomonas aeruginosa project failed. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is obligate aerobic bacteria, the growth temperature range of 25-42 C. Because of the low nutritional requirements, in the water, soil, food and hospitals and other environmental widespread. At the same time because of disinfectant, drying, ultraviolet radiation and other physical and chemical factors have great resistance, so the weak resistance to the crowd there may be larger health risk, easy to cause acute intestinal inflammation, meningitis, sepsis and inflammatory skin diseases. China’s latest drinking water standards clearly specified in each 250mL water samples of Pseudomonas aeruginosa should not be detected, and require the factory before the completion of each batch of Pseudomonas aeruginosa detection. Such as the detection of substandard products, will be carried out and the sale of the shelves to stop processing. > > > more women’s news cable break fee failed collusion "dry brother" robbing lover [painting a eyebrows, a week does not need to draw? Scan two-dimensional code, "attention Daliaohe net" WeChat (txdaliao), reply with eyebrow "high-tech new products to win! Eyebrow gel free trial! ]相关的主题文章:

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