Kun refused to release the week of the Chinese name to keep her daughter a little privacy lformat

Kunling refused to release small weeks Chinese who hope to daughter some privacy Kunling and small week data Tencent entertainment superstar Jay Chou’s daughter "week" has come to call Mom and dad’s age, although only one year old, but already is the father of the song "past existence lover" creative source Jay Chou, the love is sweet and death! But in addition to the published English "Hathaway" and from time to time by mom and dad Po in the new media on the back of photos or local photo, Zhou Zhou’s name has been Chinese and frontal users most want to dig gossip. On the line on Saturday, "the great child", Meng Fei by the names of the players, asked little Zhou Zhou’s name, just when everyone thinks that Zhou Zhou’s name will be released Chinese, Kunling has said that is not convenient announced, is a "secret". Kun Ling said, we know that Zhou Zhou’s name English well, after all, after growing up little Zhou Zhou has to go to school, or to Chinese as her daughter’s privacy. In the face of everyone’s curiosity and concern, Kunling also responded: "thank you so much love for small weeks, but we want to say a little bit of privacy for her, you know English name." Since her daughter was born, Jay Chou and Kunling always pay attention to the protection of the daughter privacy, every time micro-blog released only her back, and her daughter go out also pay great attention to protection, there are no paparazzi Hathaway front view. The Kunling politely refused to release the Chinese daughter, is a living entertainment for her daughter’s mother protection, therefore, although Hathaway Chinese name remains a mystery, but more users are still very supportive of Kunling, everyone is hoping to Hathaway grew up in a simple security environment don’t be too early, the entertainment media disturb. (Tencent entertainment)相关的主题文章:

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