Key events Tottenham Marco weekend Jiepan Barcelona to win points shishangqiyi

Marco Weekend Events: Tottenham Barcelona Jiepan key points to win the Premier League weekend hot events in the city of Storck VS Sang Delan is the only two teams this season has not yet achieved a 1 win team, Storck city at the beginning of the season to play well, but since Sachiri’s comeback after 2 consecutive round draw, including the last round away draw: Manchester United, obviously recovery; Sang Delan not only poor record, and successive rounds in the scene are far behind the opponent, the recent 2 round home court against the strength is not strong in the Crystal Palace and Thib Bromwich, shot number is only half of the opponent, is really hard to see. Even more critical is the injury stop message: Storck goalkeeper goalkeeper injured, this season has not played in the battle of. Sunderland goalkeeper Mannone injured (2 games), the absence of defender Dinae (3 games), midfielder Hof Kisch (4) and Larson’s main, left winger GA Nur Zahi (6 games) and right winger bonini (2) out. Two teams in the last 5 League clash Storck can be reduced to a certain degree of heat. In the field of the Lord let the hemisphere high water slightly started (the Lord – compensate about 2.05-2.10), shortly after the water level slightly lower, Joia bets the visiting team, only unbeaten can get more than 80% return, obviously has a certain appeal, not the formation of hot plate. Taking into account, the city is optimistic about Storck home to get the first win of the season. SMG does not let the ball play, recommended victory, draw up small Qiuwen can. Thib Bromwich VS Tottenham last season, the two teams in the title to the crucial moment (thirty-fifth round) meet, was left the 4 round, 5 points behind Tottenham Leicester City, there is still hope the title. However, Thib Bromwich away draw with Tottenham, Tottenham title hopes (basically declared the 3 round behind 7 points), this is a direct result of the collapse of Tottenham left behind (the last 4 rounds only get 2 points). Spurs 5 games in a row, the League winning streak in the round, just beat the round to win the big Manchester City, can attract a lot of attention to the players. Although the home team unbeaten 3 round, but only the victory of the 1, will not form too high heat. Brent missing home team (for the season to play), Tottenham lack of war, Kaine. It is worth noting that Tottenham to distraction of the week in the Champions League, the third round key will appear the situation around, it is bound to stay in power. The disc open shallow, Tottenham just left hemisphere slightly low water (about 1.80-1.90, win lose) I will be judged most sought after game player, the price trend is also in line with the judgment, the current position has risen to guest Let half a water (guest wins compensate dropped to about 1.75). Overall, I still choose to stand against most players. SMG team let a ball game, recommended his peace council BOGAO return direct election victory. Southampton Nanan Pu VS Burnley at the beginning of the season performance, but the recent strong recovery, and has 3 consecutive rounds without conceding a goal, the scene also advantage. Burnley is the season relegation favorite, in addition to the 7 round before the home court against Hull city and Waterford two scenes of balance, the other matches are in absolute downwind. In terms of injury, the Nanan general did not have significant injuries to stop,相关的主题文章:

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