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Ji’nan seven departments jointly carry out the city’s real estate market transaction order inspection — real estate — people.com.cn in 5 days two bursts of control to stabilize the real estate market can receive the expected results, the key depends on the execution? Can not be put in place? – reporters from the Ji’nan municipal urban and Rural Construction Committee was informed consent by the municipal government, led by the city’s urban and Rural Construction Committee, the Joint Municipal Land Resources and housing security, law enforcement, industry and commerce, price, fund center and other departments and units, since October 3rd a month to carry out the city’s real estate market transaction order check. According to the introduction. The scope of the inspection for Lixia District, central city, Huaiyin District, Flyover District, Licheng District, high tech Zone, the inspection object is under construction in the sale of real estate project development, sales and other parties. Focus on the inspection of the third quarter of this year, the rapid rise in sales prices and the sale of property buyers complaints more and more news media exposure of commercial housing projects. Check the contents include eight aspects, namely: the pre-sale permit commercial housing projects, with the electricity supplier, group purchase subscription, booking, arranging, VIP card payment charged to the buyer or a collection of deposit, pre paid expenses; illegal propaganda, exaggerated publicity, publication of false advertising law, illegal conduct and participate in marketing activities, fraud and induction of consumer behavior. Has been pre-sale permit commercial housing projects, not in accordance with the provisions of one-time open houses, not the implementation of price tag; the same batch of pre-sale real estate sales price growth rate in a short period of time is too large; deliberately take the extremely high price of sale or contract for the sale of commodity housing by signing a false way, the existence of man-made source of tension, hoarding and drive up prices, property hoarding behavior. The sales contract is not signed or not timely signed; not by commercial housing sale contract demonstration text signed a contract for the sale of real estate, the terms and provisions of the contract signed or inconsistent, to formulate additional clauses of the contract, absolve themselves of responsibility, damage or exclude the legitimate rights of buyers. Not in accordance with the provisions of the timely payment of commercial housing pre-sale regulatory funds or illegal misappropriation of pre-sale regulatory funds. The sales at the scene of publicity is not in accordance with the provisions of the relevant documents, certificates or publicity content is not standardized, not complete; the sales staff did not obtain sales qualification certificates or not. The development of enterprises, real estate agencies in the opening of the number of speculation, there are violations of the rights and interests of the masses and other acts of the healthy development of the real estate market damage. According to the performance of land transfer contract agreed, unpaid leasing, malicious speculation hoarding of land and land. In line with the conditions of the provident fund loans, the development of enterprises refused to cooperate with the purchase of housing provident fund loans or unauthorized procedures to raise the threshold of housing provident fund loans. Ji’nan City, the project shall inform the sales site hanging display "on the real estate market continued to maintain a stable and healthy development in the striking position" (Ji Zheng Ban Fa 2016 No. 25) and notice "on Further Strengthening the work of the real estate market regulation" (Ji Zheng Ban Fa 2016 No. 26) two documents content. Ji’nan stressed that the existence of irregularities in the conduct of business enterprises ordered deadline for rectification, and相关的主题文章:

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