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Jiaxing weekend weather is cloudy with rain cold air coming in, in addition to the October 24th sun show they face, other days are rain intrusion. This weekend weather can break the "gloomy" pattern? Reporter yesterday learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, affected by cold air, today sometimes overcast with light rain, night overcast days, northwest wind 4~5, gust 6, coastal 5~6, gust 7, today the minimum temperature of 14 degrees, the highest temperature of 16 degrees. Tomorrow cloudy to overcast, the wind fell to the easterly 3~4 level, the minimum temperature of 12 degrees Celsius in the morning, please add clothes to prevent colds. A review of recent rain, pitter patter. The night before the near surface water vapor condensation, fog appeared in the city, wo city was shrouded in a fog of autumn mist, fortunately, yesterday morning, with the cold air infiltration, gradually enhance the northwest wind blew away the fog. Yesterday, our city is overcast with light rain, the highest temperature during the day is only about 19 degrees Celsius, do not feel particularly cold. Meteorological experts, the end of the month before I still more rainy weather, Sunday day good condition is expected to see returning to the sun, you can seize the laundry and outdoor activities. As the saying goes "a cold autumn rain, rain will make many people feel it is very thick. The neck, waist and ankles in the main channel of human kidney yang transportation, and less muscle, blood vessels, once the cold will cause disease. In the autumn day cool, these three parts to do the warm work.相关的主题文章:

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