Jane Zhang von mother denounced Ke hand son-in-law Jane Zhang as a mistress of insider Feng K superrecovery

Jane Zhang von mother denounced Ke   hand Insider: Jane Zhang as a son-in-law of Feng Ke mistress? Respond to the six point explanation — Shandong channel: people.com.cn original title: Jane Zhang’s mother denounced Feng Ke hand son-in-law Insider: Jane Zhang as a mistress? Feng Ke responded six explain the original title: Jane Zhang mother hand son-in-law Jane Zhang when Insider: a mistress? Feng Ke responded to Liangying in 2005 six point game fame, for our feelings, she did not because of external conditions change due to any change, even when the game is not the end of the show told reporters: "I have a stable relationship". This is where she makes me feel so moved. Later, we came to Beijing to start our common cause to fight, to stay for eleven years. Busy, we have had a dispute, there have been tired, there have been misunderstandings, but we are still walking towards our happiness, but also to the 2016. In my heart, I’m sure I’ll never find a better girl than Liangying. So I will use my life to cherish her good, her kindness. I assure you that my love for Liangying has gone through 13 years, and then we will begin the process of marriage, which can stand the test of time. Of course, I will try my best, with mother Liangying continue to do communication, hoping to gain her trust, to make her believe that I am genuinely and sincerely love Liangying. Please read this letter so all friends together to witness for me! (commissioning editor Liu Yingjie and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章:

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