Indoorsman growth in the history of the Big Bang will Sheldon spinoff xpphone

Indoorsman growth in the history of the "Big Bang" will "Sheldon" spinoff, as one of the drama with a generation of people gradually grew up, the "Big Bang" has been broadcast to the tenth season. Four high degree Indoorsman had already have their own home, many users are also worried about the "Big Bang" will come to an end. However, the recent CBS TV announced the upcoming launch of the protagonist Xie Xie’s derivative drama. The "Big Bang" tells the story of the hero Sheldon Kolb and Leonard · · Hofstadter is a pair of good friends, their IQ is absolutely a cut above others because they can, backwards to quantum theory, no matter what you ask them, they are hard to beat. But when it comes to daily life, the two careless about dressing boy temper completely gone, life fuel these seemingly simple things, but they have lost in space feeling, they possess the scientific principle here have no play. Until one day, moved next door to a beautiful sexy girl Petunia, immediately attract the attention of Leonard. Penny is a girl who dreamed of becoming an actress, but has not been successful, usually only work in fast food restaurants, her cheerful personality, friendly, and Leonard Sheldon, is a different pursuit of fashionable young people, the most important thing is that she has just turned into a single. Leonard and Sheldon have two good friends. Since that is the dandy Howard · wolowitz can use six kinds of language. The American Mars exploration program, responsible for participation, in fact Howard is nothing but a love to get some outdated means sister guy, when his sister gimmick to make each other feel nausea. From India Raj · Cuse Lapper Lee suffers from a serious "heterosexual intercourse disorder", is when he is unable to speak only in the presence of the opposite sex, drunk can freely communicate with the girl. A beautiful woman and the story of the four science house so quietly began to perform in the laughter. It is reported that the show is being prepared, the "Big Bang" producer and screenwriter Steve · Luo Mara will continue to write derived script. The story will be set up in Texas, or for the audience to show the growth history of hard ear. Currently, CBS has not announced that the tenth quarter will continue to shoot after the big bang. Media speculation, perhaps the tenth quarter will be the final season. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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