Hubei found more than 30 people received illegal subsidies million Party members and cadres to be pr pigeon blood

Hubei found more than 30 people received illegal subsidies million Party members and cadres to be processed the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department held a news conference this year 4-8 month, under the strong leadership of the provincial Party committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection in the pre-trial basis, organization of the province’s 114 counties (including function area), the use of big data to the implementation of supervision and inspection on 2014 to 2015, rural residents, rural reconstruction and other 8 Huimin policy (involving the total funds of 33 billion 20 million yuan), and actively explore the discipline inspection and supervision organs "corruption" and "accurate supervision" in New ways, powerful, orderly manner, and achieved remarkable results. As of August 31st, the province’s total verified the problem leads 432 thousand, involving 602 million yuan of illegal funds; the province found that do not conform with the policy number receive subsidies 317406 people, involving 59209 cadres (including 813 level cadres, financial personnel 10748 people, 34424 village cadres and ordinary Party members and 13224 people); the cancellation of more than 26 people do not comply with the policy of subsidies, return the recovered 122 million yuan of illegal funds (including Party members and cadres of the initiative to pay back 98 million 70 thousand yuan, 19 million 820 thousand yuan Huimin) interception misappropriation of funds re issued to the masses; the province’s discipline inspection organs at all levels of Party members and cadres for discipline violations organizations dealing with 13504 people, 5204 people have been investigated, which give a disciplinary sanction 3240 people, 41 people transferred to the judiciary, the implementation of the accountability of 736 basic units, formed a powerful momentum responsibility accountability. First, the main responsibility for compaction compaction layers. April 15th, when he was Secretary of the provincial Party Secretary Li Hongzhong chaired the Provincial Standing Committee, decided to start the use of large data to carry out the implementation of the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the policy of huimin. April 27th, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection held a video work in the province, the Provincial Standing Committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Comrade Hou Changan personally mobilize. The provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen top-level design, careful arrangements, compaction layers of responsibility, supervise eight provincial relevant departments jointly, province, city and county, township and village five linkage, and vigorously promote the implementation of the work. The two is to ensure the authenticity of the true check. Careful collection, integration, comparison since 2014 8 the implementation of policies that benefit the relevant data, to ensure the comprehensive and accurate real data were collected, the province’s civil affairs, finance, forestry and other departments issued Huimin funds source data of 62 million 550 thousand, the population, household registration, vehicle on the geometric data of 270 million. With the help of science and technology around the power of new technologies such as the use of funds supervision software Huimin Provincial Commission for discipline development, rapid alignment and lock the 1 million 853 thousand clues, so that there is room, car, work, the company personnel received illegal medical assistance, urban and rural, rural reconstruction grant funds to hide irregularities, rapid alignment find 113120 people. The formation of 16909 towns verification group, launched more than 34000 people, according to one by one by one, people see things, evidence of solid, accurate, specific analysis of work standards, villages and households to carry out verification. Adhere to check the rectification side of accountability, strict supervision and discipline of the release of a strong signal. .相关的主题文章:

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