Huaxin shares before the reorganization assault to buy suspected transfer of benefits — real

Huaxin shares before the reorganization assault to buy   suspected transfer of benefits — real estate — original title to related party: Huaxin shares before the reorganization assault buy suspected transfer of benefits to related parties under the Department of electrical and instrument real estate listing platform to broker a transition before also did not forget to pull a brother". "The discovery of plan reporter combing Huaxin shares reorganization of the Securities Daily", "real estate Huaxin shares decided from the" change "broker" on the eve of the related party cloud game Zhaopin (formerly Instrument Electronics) at a high premium to take. The industry believes that the move or to help the parties to cash, the interests of listed companies listed on behalf of the interests of damage. The restructuring through two subsidiaries between asset stripping, not only regulate the subsidiary profit, also achieved another curve Huaxin securities subsidiary company listed, do high injection asset valuation maximum access to the shares of listed companies, at the same time to solve the problem with the competition between the listed company and the former shareholders of the. The transformation of the assault before bought in November 7th, nearly 3 months of suspension of Huaxin shares announced restructuring plan, a change in the electrical department’s only real estate listing platform "market expectations, after the completion of the restructuring of industry will change from the real estate securities industry, instrument and Electronics Group, Huaxin securities will be listed on the curve. The reorganization of the content is mainly composed of three parts, namely, major asset replacement, the issue of shares to buy assets and raise matching funds in three parts. First, Huaxin shares of real estate development business assets and liabilities to the company held (as set out the assets) and instrument electric group holds 66% stake in Huaxin securities (as in assets) equivalent replacement part; at the same time, Huaxin shares intends to 9.59 yuan share issue price, to the instrument and Electronics Group issued shares to buy assets and placement to set out the difference in asset prices, to audio issued shares to buy 24% stake in Huaxin securities, issued shares to buy 2% stake in Huaxin securities Shanghai belling. Through the reorganization of the instrument and Electronics Group directly holds 27.49% of the shares of listed companies, to become the largest shareholder, holding 25.78% of the shares of listed companies indirectly by Huaxin home and acoustics, together hold 53.27% of the shares of listed companies. In the ownership of assets, have a particularly garish. PDP project on the basis of the valuation date December 31, 2015 book value of 164 million yuan, while the valuation price increased to $503 million, an increase of up to $207.14%. In contrast, Suzhou Industrial Park, Qingjian Lake home 51% equity value rate is 79.45%; Shanghai Austria Lun industrial 100% equity value rate is only 37.10%. The PDP project for the 1398 estate Jinsui Road, located in Shanghai City, Pudong New Area Golden Bridge Development Zone, covers an area of 82028 square meters, the existing building area of 54777 square meters, the nature of the land for industrial use, architectural form for industrial plant. Huaxin shares transferred assets announcement that the related transactions in order to improve the company’s ability to continue operations, expand the business scale, the company and the interests of all shareholders. However, after only three months, selling the assets in accordance with the original Huaxin, count)相关的主题文章:

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