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Hong Kong media: gangster pocket compensation loss hawker – Sohu Mongolia Mong Kok riots overseas news network on 23 February, according to the Singapore United Morning Post news, Hongkong black society will not only planning the second day of the Lunar New Year MK riots, and even violence victims". According to media reports, the triad boss have money, pay compensation fees a loss. The latest issue of the "Asian weekly" reported that the triad boss after the riot in accordance with the "contract spirit" (booth) compensation stall proprietor losses, show that they "Robbers also have their paths". A company located in Tung Choi Street (commonly known as woman street) the stall that night was arson, a car canvas was burned, the loss of more than 10 thousand yuan (HK $, the same below, about 1800 dollars). A gangster in the second year after the riots to the scene to the stalls stall and distribute red packets, but also pay New Year’s call "to provide nearly twenty thousand yuan in compensation. Reported that the distribution of underworld forces in Mong Kok complex, the parties to the power of the stall and minibus charge protection fees and "entry fees"". Therefore, members of the triad in riots, will monitor the conflicts between local extremists and police thugs in the side, to ensure that they are "protected" stalls and small bus will not be damaged. The first place that night, the conflict is between Portland Street? To the Langham Place section of the street during the lunar new year where stands need to pay protection money to the underworld, and "see" (gangster) responsible for the safety. Therefore in the riots before upgrading, see the field have other protesters rushed to the nearby streets, do not let a major conflict within the scope of their own. Local extremist thugs have fear of the underworld, they dare not provoke. According to a triad boss said, the day he had sent his weapons to the scene with a bag, in the bag for dozens of beef knife to deter the mob thugs, so did not dare to burn small bus by black social protection. According to Xinhua news agency, Hongkong police commissioner Lu Weicong after the incident, in the afternoon of 9 press conference pointed out that the incident had not found involved in the underworld. The West Kowloon anti Mafia group of Hongkong police has been able to rein in its people before the lunar new year, and not to do anything wrong, the Asia Weekly reported. Before the serious conflict, the West Kowloon anti triad group contacted the district leaders to restrain the people from participating in the riot. Therefore, the boss issued a "dead order", not under requirements is the use of political, in the violence "two help"; also allowed anyone to destroy the minibus station, because this is their main source of income.

港媒: 黑社会老大自掏腰包 赔偿旺角暴乱蒙损小贩-搜狐新闻  海外网2月23日电 据联合早报消息,香港黑社会不但没有策划农历年初二的旺角暴乱,甚至是暴乱“受害者”。据港媒报道,黑社会老大竟自掏腰包,赔偿缴交了保护费的小贩的损失。   最新一期的《亚洲周刊》报道,黑社会老大在暴乱后按照“合约精神”赔偿排档(摊位)东主的损失,显示他们“盗亦有道”。   一家位于旺角通菜街(俗称女人街)的排档当晚被人恶意纵火,一车帆布被烧,摊主损失超过1万元(港元,下同,约1800新元)。一名黑帮老大在暴乱后年初二当天到现场向该排挡摊主“拜年”并派发红包,也提供近两万元的赔偿。   报道称,黑社会势力在旺角的分布复杂,各方势力分别向那里的排档及小型巴士收取保护费及“入线费”。因此,黑社会成员于暴乱发生时,就在一旁监视本土极端派暴徒与警察的冲突,以确保他们所“保护”的排档及小型巴士不会被损毁。   当晚发生冲突的第一个地点,是?兰街至朗豪坊之间的路段,该处摊贩农历新年期间在那里摆摊需向黑社会交保护费,并有“睇场”(黑帮成员)负责该处的安全。因此在暴乱升级前,该处的睇场已把示威者赶往附近其他街道,不让自己所看管的范围内发生大规模冲突。   本土极端派暴徒也对黑社会有所忌惮,不敢招惹他们。据一名黑社会老大说,他当天曾派手下带着一袋武器到现场,袋中有几十把用于阻吓暴徒的牛肉刀,暴徒因此不敢烧毁受黑社会保护的小型巴士。   另据新华社报道,香港警务处处长卢伟聪在事件发生后,于9日下午记者会上特别指出,事件暂时没有发现黑社会参与其中。   《亚洲周刊》报道,香港警方的西九龙反黑组在农历新年前,在新年期间管束好手下,不要作恶捣乱。在严重冲突发生前,西九龙反黑组又联系各区老大约束手下不参与暴乱。因此,当晚有老大下达“死命令”,要求手下不被政治所利用,在暴乱中“两不相帮”;也不准任何人破坏小巴站,因为这是他们的主要收入来源。相关的主题文章:

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