Hilary Tsui ins theft caused by the outbreak of Chen Zicong thin disease jkforum

Hilary Tsui INS Chen Zicong lost stolen photos out of disease said Hilary Tsui was betrayed, so will the IG account delete friends Beijing on September 10th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Hilary Tsui some time ago to visit friends in the rest of Chen Zicong, and Josephine Ho and three photo, and then uploaded to her personal Instagram account, but the photos it is spread out, and in the online crazy pass, exposing Chen Zicong lost. Later she said it was betrayed, delete all the friends added on the IG, and as a friend of William So, Hilary Tsui suspected of being the manager of the manager of the Zheng Shaokang for the. Hilary Tsui last night to attend the event, said when she knew the stolen photos shocked, she said: "clearly there are people who betray me, although not to find the culprit, immediately delete the friends list, even more missed her husband Eason (Eason Chan) also delete the account, leaving only a daughter and brother later, together with her husband. I am most worried about even the family private life as well as her daughter’s privacy are stolen, also afraid to hurt her friends." Hilary Tsui has to explain and apologize to Josephine Ho, the other side in turn to comfort her, and no blame. Hilary Tsui described Chen Zicong’s recovery is good, good spirits, laughing and talking, so feel at ease. William So yesterday to attend the activities for the Mid Autumn Festival, Chen Zicong storm thin photos out, he said he did not photograph: "I always go to see him return to Cong, more than and 20 year old right now. The photos do not know who poke out, of course is the most likely guzei. I never send a photo on the social networking site." Asked a group of friends can blame Hilary Tsui? He refers to Hilary Tsui also don’t want to: "she was a friend of mine, don’t know what people do, you know, some people like to engage in right and wrong, especially her manager (Zheng Shaokang). "The best in all the land close" this line if you ask who I love him not only. (he sells Hilary Tsui?) I don’t dare to say that. He must have Hilary Tsui’s instagram. But this is my own opinion, not Hilary Tsui." Asked whether he A bystander is always clear-minded.? William So said angrily: "he (Zheng Shaokang) had good insult to me, he called my wife said there was a landmark event in the 3000 block for me, asked me to take care of me, that is." William So said he later called to the relevant people, said to give 3 thousand pieces of Zheng Shaokang, and Zheng later don’t look for him, don’t take care of him. Speaking of the current situation of Chen Zicong, said recently, have to go to see him, his face is very good, but also laugh if he went to lose weight, but also asked him to do after discharge to gym. He also revealed that Chen Zicong has a good appetite: "now he what to eat, what to see what to eat steak, eat dessert, be hungry too long, into the courtyard before the steak cooked for him to eat, after two days with Eric Kwok to see him again." Zheng Shaokang for Su Kang’s remarks on the response: "Qing Qing qing." He stressed that there was no account of Hilary Tsui’s private social network. (Miao Fei)相关的主题文章:

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