Fujian women’s shop in the United States alone against 3 burglary robbers killed 1 people win7codecs

Fujian women’s shop in the United States alone against 3 burglary robbers killed 1 armed robbers shot to Chen Fengzhu (video screenshot) because there is no catch fugitives, Chen Fengzhu (left two) has applied for police protection (the figure)     channel network September 26th news (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Kun   Mao Zhaoqing) recently, in the United States Atlanta, an Asian woman night gun fight alone three robbers video spread on the Internet, users have to the body in a brave woman like. The U.S. local time on Friday, yesterday Haidu reporter an exclusive interview to Chen Fengzhu across the ocean, she is 39 years old this year, Fuzhou Lianjiang Guantou town Zhuqi village, operating in Atlanta aquatic products shop for many years. Before the incident, she had only one shot. "Being police protection for Fuzhou villagers care Xu 11 sea last night, the reporter was removed in touch with MS. Chen Fengzhu in the United States, because there are two robbers in custody, she was told the local police protection, commissioned a friend to accept interview with the sea. Chen Fengzhu’s friends said that Chen Fengzhu is 39 years old this year, Fuzhou Lianjiang Guantou town Zhuqi village, to the United States business for many years, because of worry about the other two robbers revenge, Ms. Chen Fengzhu has been moving. "Chen Fengzhu asked me to say hello to her friends in Fuzhou." Her friend said, we also hope that the local police solve the case as soon as possible, the remaining two robbers caught. Friends also said that Chen Fengzhu is the owner of the seafood shop, she usually treat the clerk or friends are very good. Recently, she did not come to work in the store, ask friends to take care of business. We heard her brave counter robbers, are admired for her. Yesterday reporters across the ocean sea also contacted a number of Chinese working in the United states. They have said that in the network, WeChat circle of friends, have seen this video. Local Chinese groups, chambers of Commerce have also said that the Fuzhou woman Chen Fengzhu courage to fight, is the pride of chinese. They also called for more Chinese unity, do not do the soft persimmon, to brave defense, not being targeted. Mr. Lin Restaurant in Atlanta said that their friend’s buffet, August will be followed to the garage robbers looted. Atlanta public security is not good, robbery occurred." Mr. Lin said, because the Chinese do business with cash and love, the Chinese poor resistance, as many robbers target. Chen Fengzhu’s brave resistance, gave the Chinese a lot of confidence, but also inspired the determination of Chinese defense. Local police confirmed that the legitimate defense incident occurred at about 4 a.m. local time on Friday, after the incident was shot down the house surveillance. The 3 tough gunmen Chen Fengzhu broke into the home, and find the cash in the room. The first met Mexican helpers in front of the house, the helper to the robber shouted: "I have no money! No money!" Chen Fengzhu was awakened, in desperation, Chen Fengzhu took a month ago bought the gun rushed out. She said in an interview with a local Chinese media, "I’m not going out, they’re coming in." Just out of the door.相关的主题文章:

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