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French intelligence: Marseille League in 3 consecutive games without conceding a goal scoring a total of 029   2@3.20+3@3.60 Friday;         French   VS     Montpelier Marseille;   2016-11-05; 03:45             weather: sunny 14° Venue: cover Montpelier: Montpelier Weilun stadium situation currently only standings ranked sixteenth, the team after 11 games, not exactly scored 11 points per game with 1 points, this season the team never wins, then continuously lost the ball, the whole team is not stable state. The last round away tenacious draw Lorient, played a big score 2-2, this season has not won away, that is to say they are all 2 victories in their home court. The problem of poor defense of Montpelier last season, this season has still not been solved before, and Lyon was single game scored 5, and before the match with Monaco is a single field is scored 6, the overall state defense quality team in this difficult to stabilize. And this season they are more aggressive, often discharged three guards lineup, the field of the same game is not the victory of Marseille, if the team can not improve the quality of defense, it is likely to give Marseille away wins. Marseille Marseille situation: the recent performance has gradually stabilized, the league they have 3 consecutive games without losing the ball, can do this is not easy, what they need now is to consider how to strengthen the team itself is very weak offensive. The last round of the team in the home court by Bordeaux with a score of 0-0 draw. Although the final did not win, but at least in the home court to keep Marseille repression in Bordeaux, now the team’s offensive, especially several players on the front of the state, to the beginning of the season good too. This is an opportunity for Marseille, after all this week’s Champions league tournament, the French team in the premise of poor physical condition, Marseille can use this opportunity to catch up in the standings. Hit the record: the two sides recently played 10 games, Montpelier made a record of 3 wins, 1 draws and 6 losses, there is no doubt at a disadvantage, and last season they played against the Marseille for the 3 time with 1 draws and 2 losses. SMG recommended: now this is really worth looking forward to the state of Marseille, the only problem is that they do on the road this season has not won the ball, recommended the outcome, the preferred negative, scoring a total of 2,3. (Da Yu)相关的主题文章:

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