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"Ellery? Quin’s detective fiction series Chinese version listed Sohu   reading; the history of the greatest novelist Ellery Quin, one of the reason?" children’s detective fiction series (first series) published by the relay press in May 2015, many young readers said they also exercise their brains in reading pleasure at the same time, because of watching this book and have a happy summer vacation. This book is the second series of 5 will also be listed in June 2016, the first series of brave and Douna small detective Quin’s nephew Gref has played, assist detective Quin cracked a case, I believe will continue to accompany loyal young readers and spent a happy summer vacation. "Children’s detective fiction series is Ellery? Quin wrote the children’s first and only a detective novel for children. In the "children’s detective fiction series, the protagonist’s clever young Gulliver will always drink no fruit in the police chase suspects the case, through thorough and meticulous investigation, using his wisdom, from a large number of signs by adults neglect details and complicated, the anarchy after reasoning analysis, to assist the police uncovered a pile of fan case. Du him a strong sense of justice, polite and loyal to the friendship, witty and intelligent, fearless, his pet dog qiangpu lively and lovely, love. In the second part of the 5, "Dolphin Beach Yellow Cat mysteries" tells the story of a small town bank robbery Douna found fake dentist conspiracy, helping the police to catch the robbers; "the Museum of blue herring mysteries" tells the story of Douna through pharmacist Perry conspiracy, lost pearl and assist the police caught Perry’s story; the "club purple bird mysteries" tells the story of Douna to assist the police seized fake antique dealers, to identify the missing one hundred years "the Amulet of kings" of the story; "dock magician mysteries" tells the story of Quin’s nephew Gulliver according to witnesses "space monster" intelligence, captured water smuggling group story; "ambassador Museum of mystery" tells the story of Gracula Gulliver encounters a strange language to speak and see the embassy bodyguard Gracula, missing the news as a clue, arrested attempted to attack the Ambassador Robbers. Quin from the children’s life story, the reader will follow Douna to experience a detective adventure story, exquisite design, strict logic, advocating fairness and uniqueness of interpretation. "Ellery Quin" and Sherlock in the novel, Hercule Holmes reasoning?? Poirot’s popularity is quite large but it is really a detective, mystery writer Frederic dannay and Manfred B. Lee common pseudonym, the cousins after forty years of reasoning fiction writing, the role of Ellery Quin to become the more than and 30 novels in one of the most famous fictional detective stories, they had received five reasoning fiction in the highest award — Edgar? Allan Poe award, global sales of about 200 million copies of works. And a large number of works have been adapted into television, radio and film, broadcast in various forms, widely welcomed by the readers of the world, "Ellery – Quin magazine" came into being"相关的主题文章:

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