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Drama review: "the well-being of the world" is a popular return to Peyton Place to sell the house woman Sina entertainment news according to Japanese media reports, last week (September 12th to September 18th) most of the summer drama aired, in which Keiko Kitagawa married for the first time in "sell" women get complete average ratings of 11.6% grades, the best performance in the summer drama in addition, there are three special series on the list, two of the more than and 90 year old writer and producer cooperation "the well-being of world" is still very popular special. NHK River drama "real tin pill" aired last week, thirty-seventh episodes, the ratings of 17.3%, compared with the previous set of results increased by 2.3%. This episode, due to the battle of Sekigahara defeat, Sanada Xinfan and Mada Masako to surrender Tokchon Nobushige to Osaka, Ishida Minari and others that the last time, in addition, the letter was abandoned and was renamed as father word, letter. Keiko Kitagawa starred in "selling house woman" aired last week finally got back, after the launch of the highest score of 13%, complete average ratings of 11.6%, the best performance is difficult to obtain high ratings in the summer drama, has remained at number two. Back in the final, a bar Mama sang find director Wu for help, at the same time, the court heard from Adachi Wild Magic to mobilize the relationship, the mood is very chaotic, and the past is magic Ballerina Kwai famous together to help her daughter to find a suitable house. TBS special play "the well-being of the world" aired last week before, ratings of 12.6%, the national family drama launched in 1990 by Hashida Hisakako Ishii Fuko, the screenwriter, producer, the combination of old age add up to 181 years after a lapse of a year and a half, produced a two episode drama special. Special drama to play in May as the center of the spring goods, 90% scenes of her presence. In May more than and 40 years and her husband run Chinese restaurant was converted in May because the daughters did not discuss the matter with her to cut the parent-child relationship declaration be furious. The drama in early August about shooting, shooting for a month, spring goods for a large amount of very hard. The drama theme is "the case can solve the problem of arrests, but the family is no simple solution, it is able to resonate with the audience, is the culmination of the series of works. Ono Machiko starred in the first meeting, I love you last week to broadcast the final return, the ratings of 11.6%, the total average audience rating of 9.9%. The drama screenwriter "Yuukawa Kazuhiko" by domestic women Sanda, to foster system as the theme, in the pre launch because of heavy theme topic. The final letter back to Mina and couples despite being considered get custody probability is zero, but for their children’s heart is not changed, but after seeing the parents and children left in the room after missing. Higashiyama Kino starred in the Interpol seven final return of 10%, the complete average ratings of 10.3%, starring Nakajima Yuto, HOPE~ looking forward to zero new members ~ last week also broadcast the final return, ratings of 6.6%. Mirei Kiritani and Yamazaki Yoshihito, San Pu Xiang Ping Zhou Ping, Nomura cooperation "love the drama 9" Ninth sets of ratings of 9.4%, an increase of nearly 2% over the previous week.相关的主题文章:

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