Dalian public transport group, all of the lines at the end of October to achieve intelligent schedul kairui

Dalian public transport group, all of the lines at the end of October to achieve intelligent dispatch bus three branch staff to explain the new energy bus passengers. Vehicle terminal can receive real-time scheduling instructions. More than 30 people visit the intelligent dispatch center. On a computer screen, a highlight of continuously moving a window, click on the page of the dispatcher, in dozens of kilometers away on the bus, an instruction clearly jumped from the car terminal, the driver to adjust the speed command. September 24th, in the city public transportation group held an open day activities, the reporter saw this scene. With the city bus group to accelerate the construction of intelligent, so fast and efficient intelligent scheduling system has been installed in the city’s 103 bus lines. At the end of October this year, the city bus group bus lines will all achieve intelligent scheduling, travel to provide more convenience for the people. The 1 dispatcher real-time control of bus lines operating in September 24th morning, road passenger station in the car five bus group companies, more than 30 people came to the passenger station intelligent dispatching center. But the size of 20 square metres room, 5 computer is displayed on the map a few bus lines, the position of each bus dispatcher be absorbed in operation at the train diagram. On the screen, a few flashes of light are moving, while a computer can control the 2-3 line. These highlights is the bus, which also marked the license plate number, we can directly contact the driver through the vehicle terminal." Dispatcher Zhu Shuang has many years of work experience, looking at the 404 road running chart each position of the vehicle has found the problem, "the backlog of vehicles phenomenon in Taoyuan near the market is likely to encounter road resistance, the vehicle in front is a little big interval." Zhu Shuang told reporters, see the sparse change can highlight distribution real-time control line operation, if the car is too concentrated, but the front line blank no vehicles to enter, the public may have long time waiting. Speaking, immediately click on the operating platform of the system platform, pull out a series of instructions to adjust the operation of the vehicle, quickly issued to adjust the operating instructions of different vehicles. "I let this car station run, put the car across the back, so that passengers and other vehicles." Zhu Shuang said that the intelligent scheduling system is very rapid response, instructions out, the car will be prompted on the vehicle terminal, the driver can immediately make adjustments. Scheduling real-time monitoring fast and efficient shorten the waiting time, this system we have been running for some time, more convenient than the original manual scheduling." Zhu Shuang told reporters, before the dispatch room located in both ends of the line, only according to the vehicle out of the station to determine whether line operation is smooth, midway can’t contact the driver, and the intelligent scheduling system can real-time master line operations, rapid response. "With this system of electronic map real-time vehicle running distribution displayed on the computer screen, every 10 seconds to upload data once, icon flash once the picture is updated, the center of the operation of the vehicle scheduling real-time control." Zhou Liang said that the screen, the Green said the direction of the vehicle, pink, said the direction of the vehicle down, if there is red.相关的主题文章:

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