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Civilized campus breeze   good environment education students — Inner Mongolia Channel – Inner Mongolia University of Technology "golden chain" volunteer service has passed 29 years, Inner Mongolia University graduate zhijiaotuan baton has reached fourth, Inner Mongolia Normal University’s "Sheng Leda lecture" has more than 000 students listen to several times…… It’s every little bit of campus civilization spray has merged into a wave, the Inner Mongolia middle school to become the student grow good environment. In recent years, Inner Mongolia take the student as the center, adhere to the deepening of socialism China Khalid ents, characteristics and Chinese dream learning education, to cultivate and practice the socialist core values, do a solid job in campus civilization construction work, efforts will be into a strong position to train Chinese school characteristics of socialist builders and successors. Teachers’ morality is the first to teach and educate the civilized campus. The autonomous region in the process of building a civilized campus to strengthen ideological and moral construction of teachers, establish good teachers’ morality, advocate dedication and teacher, teaching. Autonomous Region Party committee, the education department formulated the "on strengthening and improving the ideological and moral construction of primary and secondary school work opinions" to "on the socialist core values to lead the construction of campus culture in the views of" guiding documents, the construction of spiritual civilization into the leading bodies and leading cadres in Colleges and universities annual performance appraisal index system, strengthen the system the construction organization and leadership. Schools at all levels to act immediately. Ordos set up civilized campus activities to create a leadership team, to create a civilized campus as the focus of work arrangements, and included in the supervision of the evaluation system of educational supervision and its ideological and moral construction of minors working quarter. 2016, arrangements for minors ideological and moral construction work of 1 million yuan of special funds, urban and rural school children’s palace operation grant special funds of $1 million 140 thousand to promote the creation of civilized campus. Inner Mongolia University will work to create a civilized campus into the school propaganda ideological and cultural objectives management system, into the grass-roots party building evaluation mechanism. At the same time, outstanding ethics first, who is the norm, the ability to promote the moral construction. The establishment of the credit system is composed of academic norm, academic morality, academic evaluation system of more than 20, adhere to the constraints of moral self-discipline and norms to proceed, do the heart, the body has to be kept, the line has ended, and create a good learning environment. Hold the teachers’ classroom teaching skills contest, teacher culture festival, "a pioneer in duty?" theme practice activities, continue to lead the development of teachers and teachers’ development service. Through the development of excellent teachers and other series of praise, the emergence of the school known as "contemporary Paul" National Excellent Communist Gimhae, autonomous region labor model Li Guangpeng and a group of business talents and education model, as an example to drive the teaching work. Point to the surface, the region has emerged a large number of moral models, forming a distinctive moral education mode. The region has 4 national higher school teaching teachers, 11 national outstanding teaching team in higher schools, 271 autonomous regions, 252 autonomous district teaching teachers, excellent teaching team, the leading role in the moral construction)相关的主题文章:

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