Black gold exposed the ultimate notice Jude & #8226; Luo deep gold (video)

"Black gold" exposed the ultimate notice Jude & #8226; Luoyang "gold" black gold deep exposure Ultimate Trailer, Jude Law rate of Twelve Angry Men deep gold Tencent entertainment news the day before, the Hollywood star Jude · Luo starred in the thriller adventure film "black gold", finally exposed the final trailer. In this two minute long notice, not only reveals the Jude · Luo played captain insisted to rush into danger deep-sea treasure hunt motivation, also for the first time exposure consists of Britain and Russia seaman crew lineup, the thrilling scene full of treasure and sci-fi Vu underwater scenes, all of this is coming in September 9th the release of the film is full of expectations. Jude · Luo turned the old driver, the submarine deep gold in the ultimate Trailer shocking scenes, Jude · Luo played captain first appearance, as a service for 30 years, the submarine old driver suddenly received a "laid-off notice" has lost his wife and children, he had a legacy of World War II gold that treasure in the depths of the Black Sea, and decided to rush into danger. In a collection of twelve different characters and skills after a full crew, leading to the deep sea, far exceeding the expected degree of thrilling journey begins outside of gold. Notice in the picture, Jude Luo command continued to dive, the background music rhythm becomes faster, a series of crises have gradually surfaced. The face value of 182 million dollars in gold temptation, treasure the crew split into British and Russian factions, two crew in the dark depths of the ocean in the dark. Out of the tank, it was dark, cold, and full of dead air, and the submarine was a deadly crisis between the twelve angry men. The trailer shows scenes of the runaway climax treasure team: Jude · Luo gun crew issued last command, and rapidly sinking submarine submarine is cut caused by pressure burst. The cabin with a loud explosion and fire, some of the crew abandoned the treasure to survive, some of the crew hand-held weapon for tongshicaoge. The cold water poured into the cabin asphyxiation, fire lit instrument serial flash over the explosion, in the picture, a body floating the whole trailer thriller atmosphere foil to the extreme. The ultimate Trailer showed both treasure team tension in the mysterious underwater startling, and join the crew was exposed after the temptation of gold and greed, struggling in the closed chamber after the deep sense of despair, is looking forward to the movie. High energy production team to create the most real submarine large all over the world in addition to tease sister countless, the highly popular actor Jude · Luo, "black gold" production team can be described as celebrities gathered. The film director Kevin · Macdonald early in 2000 when it works with "September day" won the Oscar Award for best documentary feature, directed by him about the Uganda film "the last monarch brutal dictatorship" also won the Oscar Award for best actor. Denis, the film writer, is also a frequent visitor to the Toni prize in the UK, and is also a member of the British Film Festival, and is also a frequent guest of the british. Jude and · together; Luo deep gold.相关的主题文章:

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