Beijing Vanke in guangximen open pension project not to sell the house to sell services — re ssport

Beijing Vanke in guangximen open pension project   not to sell the house to sell services — real estate — August 31 Beijing Xinhua (Yu Yanming) is the world’s largest residential developers, but Vanke do pension business, does not intend to sell the house, but to provide services. Such as Vanke Group Vice President, Liu Xiao, chief executive officer of the Beijing region, said Vanke is no longer called pension real estate, all operations are called pension business or pension services." (see reported in August 25th "Beijing Vanke transformation strategy" X plan ": new exploration of neighborhood type pension") and Beijing Vanke released Beikong home is located in the northeast of Beijing Sanhuan guangximen Yiyuan gwanghui elderly apartment yesterday together, this pension project is the predecessor of Beikong gwanghui medical center and Beikong light City Rehabilitation International apartments for the elderly, Beijing Vanke and Beikong home cooperation, and the pension program after the re launch. The total area of 7000 square meters Beikong gwanghui medical center, the total construction area of 17 thousand square meters, divided into North and south two floor, located in the South (north old apartment building for two grade rehabilitation hospital), apartment covers an area of 1200 square meters, total construction area of 7000 square meters (including 430 square meters, Clinic restaurant 475 square meters), a total of 6 apartments for the elderly, the elderly living room for a total of 72, for a total of 110 beds. After the completion of renovation and expansion, Yiyuan gwanghui elderly apartment project because of its own internal two rehabilitation hospitals, Beijing became a medical integration concept, characterized by rehabilitation type continuous care elderly apartment. Yiyuan gwanghui elderly apartment has elderly pension. Vanke began to explore the pension business in 2009, has now formed Yiyuan, three types of pension products, garden garden. Among them, Yiyuan city pension institutions, focus on taking care of half self-care for the elderly disabled, even people with dementia; Suiyuan belongs to the comprehensive retirement community (type CCRC), stay for healthy elderly, larger scale; Jiayuan belongs to the community endowment Center (embedded), run in the existing community, a smaller scale, providing day care services, rehabilitation services, door-to-door service activities. Beijing Vanke pension business is responsible for the company’s design director Wang, he is also the chairman of Beijing Wan Yi Medical Enterprise Management Co., ltd.. Marriott medical support in Beijing launched pension products including Yiyuan gwanghui elderly apartments, Yiyuan happy home endowment center, Jiayuan (Doudian) Changyang Peninsula community center. So, the elderly apartments, including Yiyuan gwanghui, Vanke has been operating 3 endowment project in Beijing area, in the construction of pension 4 projects, in addition to the 10 endowment project under negotiation. The next two to three years, Vanke in Beijing region will be based in Beijing to expand about 20 pension projects. Now the Yiyuan gwanghui elderly apartment earlier, its predecessor is the Beijing City Bureau of public works from home Beikong Hotel, Beijing’s old industrial Cci Capital Ltd will becom the hotel project into the pension program, contains two parts of apartments for the elderly and rehabilitation hospital, pension apartment started the operation in 2014, rehabilitation medicine)相关的主题文章:

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