Beijing Rong Bao auction re appointed Li Yanqiang will serve as artistic director

Beijing Rong Bao auction will be re appointed Li Yanqiang as art director: original title: Beijing Rong Bao auction will be re appointed Li Yanqiang as art director before the Beijing Rong Bao Auction Co. Ltd. in the general manager of the new government under the auspices of the staff meeting, the meeting announced the appointment of Li Yanqiang as Beijing Rong Bao Auction Co. Ltd. "art director" position. Rong Bao auction general manager Zheng Li Yanqiang awarded Li Yanqiang’s appointment of Li Yanqiang, was born in Beijing in 1955. At the beginning of 1970s, thanks to Mr. Dong Shouping for the study of calligraphy and painting, vice president of Dong Shouping art research association. At the beginning of 1980s, Beijing Qing Mi Ge shop business engaged in painting and calligraphy. In 1996, transferred to Beijing Rong Bao auction companies deputy general manager. 2015 in Beijing Rong Bao Auction Co., ltd.. Li Yanqiang has been engaged in painting and calligraphy industry for decades, for the country’s calligraphy and painting market has a wide range of understanding and research, employed in the China cultural relics information consulting center, heritage research laboratory researcher. Young Li Yanqiang and his teacher Dong Shouping in 1990, Dong Shouping told Li Yanqiang said: "my student Li Yanqiang from the beginning of 1975 from my painting, first learn Chinese painting history and identification. Quite able to identify the authenticity. He in painting has made considerable effort, momentum vigorous, can make a huge picture. Is still hard work, has the ability to identify all aspects of creation."相关的主题文章:

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