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As the saying goes, what to eat what is wrong? What to eat what is the biggest misunderstanding of Chinese medicine, distorted the traditional Chinese medicine to "dirty dirty" theory. The Chinese medicine said five, is actually a combination of a series of organ function. The five not positioning of TCM, is divided according to the depth level of function evolution. If the human body as a tree, a pagoda, tower is the Chinese roots and said "kidney", gradually to the leaves of the tree trunk, is the Chinese medicine said heart spleen and lung and other organs. Chinese medicine kidney is congenital, if the injury to the kidney is fatal. Therefore, the Chinese have a long illness and kidney ", meaning that any disease if not controlled, finally to bring to the" kidney "," kidney deficiency caused by". "Kidney deficiency" is a condition of the development degree of the heart failure patients to describe, such as the latter will use aconite reviving Yang, aconite is a drug in the kidney tonifying kidney yang. Chinese medicine "kidney" is person of the root, leaves trunk moth is serious, the roots are spared, the loose, the tower will collapse. Chinese medicine treatment of kidney deficiency, rarely used in plant leaves and flowers are generally roots or seeds, the former such as Rhizoma cibotii, Chinese yam, the latter such as Cornus officinalis, medlar, plant roots is equivalent to the root of the human body, the seeds of plants similar to stem cells, to these to fill the "kidney" is the so-called traditional Chinese medicine "to make up dirty dirty" true meaning. In addition to the roots of plants, animal bones, and even the best medicine placenta is also used to kidney, such as pig spinal cord, is "Dabuyin pills" in medicine; human placenta is medicine "placenta", is used for the treatment of congenital dysplasia and lead to low immunity because of sickness. As to eat pig brain, in fact, is the same reason, because the brain is the same is the kidney, spinal cord, animal brain tonic, it is with the help of kidney function, so that the roots grow up, but the brain is the root of the tree growth benefit to hand. As for the "pork liver liver" is actually the abuse to make up dirty dirty or even misunderstanding, Chinese medicine believes that the blood of the main liver, if must say eat liver liver tonic, tonic is also by the Chinese say "liver" commands the charge of blood.相关的主题文章:

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