Ai Xiaoqi right leg ligament bandage bandage action action play yuria

Ai Xiaoqi right leg ligament bandaged action films – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Feng Nan) with the TV series "hot deformation meter" continues to hit Hunan TV, 90 actress Ai Xiaoqi influenced, in the female bodyguards as the protagonist of the TV series, she retired special forces play either action or emotional drama affects the hearts of the audience. Ai Xiaoqi graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy, 2011 onwards starred in "cry", "stone obsession division" and other TV dramas. "Hot deformation meter" as Ai Xiaoqi Zhang Yan, is the only one in four girls had marriage and children of women. She made no secret of his own on the role of love, "I tried to fight for this role at the time, perhaps I especially admire the woman’s image. I love the movie "resident evil" heroine Mira? Jovovich, like Angelina? The woman that Julie, their aura is very good." There are a lot of "hot deformation meter" in the fight scenes, Ai Xiaoqi can complete the action as far as possible to complete their own. On the screen the fighting scenes the audience watching the fun, actors will still hurt. Ai Xiaoqi put the leg ligament strain: "I go to buy the Yunnan Baiyao and bandage at the time, that month fast fixing also some action, is to take a bandage."相关的主题文章:

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