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A novice with fleshy soil notes – Sohu online all kinds of medium, peat, coconut husk, perlite, volcano rock, akadama soil, deer Zaotu, rice husk ash…… Countless。 So how to configure the soil? In fact, the recipe online is also dazzling, but remember, there is no need to memorize those recipes, soil is nothing more than to provide water and nutrients to plants. With soil to remember three, [[] [] water permeability of nutrient content. But in fact, the meat is not high on the nutrient demand, as long as you don’t go pure sand this kind of extreme, the general planting soil is able to meet the nutritional needs of the meat. Therefore, we mainly consider the medium "water retention capacity" and "ventilation capacity", a very common soil distribution ratio is [particles: peat soil =1:1], dew with cinder and peat soil 1:1 match, feeling just good. Two wood that can be used instead of coconut peat, but the process of personal use in the dew still feel much better than peat coir and coconut husk drying will appear after the water repellency, water down to a long time to absorb, peat soil is completely free. This ratio can be regarded as a primitive proportion, the particles as a breathable medium, peat as a water holding medium, when soil distribution as much as possible to maintain the proportion of two, while using different media to replace the original formula. Is the worth, like Xian soil and akadama soil the internal pore is very small and very much in fact more medium, water medium instead of air, but their particle shape and can ensure the soil has many large voids can let air through, and rich in a variety of trace elements, is very good what. With the soil after the completion of the dew own evaluation standard is the pots, and then water down, its water penetration rate. If the water poured down quickly from the bottom, so that the soil particles is too high, the root growth would slow down; if the water table becomes muddy soil, obviously felt water did not penetrate into the pelvic floor (this time took over, will obviously feel the center of gravity of the whole basin is in the basin above). Water medium proportion with soil that is too high. With the ideal soil should make water quickly and evenly across the entire basin. Succulents love friends, welcome you to join the big family of more fleshy maintenance, not the same wonderful. Succulent plants how to raise the micro signal: sao-la succulents (meat tribe) QQ group: 527266036

新手养多肉配土须知-搜狐   网上的介质五花八门,泥炭、椰糠、珍珠岩、火山岩、赤玉土、鹿藻土、稻壳灰……不计其数。那么如何配置土壤呢?其实网上的配方也是琳琅满目,但记住,没有必要去死记硬背那些配方,土壤无非是给植物提供了水分和养分而已。      配土要记得三点,[保水能力][透气能力][养分含量]。   但其实,肉肉对养分需求并不高,只要不走纯砂石这类极端,一般种植用土是能能够满足肉肉的营养需求的。所以我们主要考虑介质的[保水能力]和[透气能力],非常常见的一个配土比例是[颗粒:泥炭土=1:1],露珠用煤渣和泥炭土1:1配过,感觉刚刚好。二木说椰糠可以代替泥炭来用,但露珠个人使用的过程里还是觉得泥炭土比椰糠好很多,椰糠干燥后会出现斥水性,水浇下去要好久才会吸收,泥炭土则完全不会。这个比例可以当成一个原始的比例,把颗粒当成透气的介质,把泥炭当成是保水的介质,配土的时候尽量保持二者比例的同时,用不同的介质去代替原本的配方。值得说一下的是,像仙土和赤玉土这种内部孔隙非常细小又非常多的介质,其实更偏向保水介质而非透气,但它们本身的颗粒形状又能保证土壤中有很多较大的空隙可以让空气通过,又富含各种微量元素,是非常优秀的东西。      完成后的配土,露珠自己的评判标准就是装盆,然后水浇下去,看它渗水速度。如果水一浇下去很快就从底部流出,那么这样的土颗粒就有点过高,根系发育会比较慢;如果水浇下去土表变得泥泞,明显感到水没有渗透到盆底(这个时候拿着掂量,会明显感觉到整个盆子的重心是在盆子上方),那就是配土的保水介质比例过高。理想的配土应该能让水快速而均匀地分散到整个盆子里。   喜欢多肉植物的朋友们,欢迎你们加入多肉养护大家庭,了解更多不一样的精彩。   多肉植物怎么养微信号:sao-la   多肉植物(肉粉部落)qq群:527266036相关的主题文章:

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