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The Ming Dynasty emperor Emperor Yan: Life Album Artist PK– value of Sichuan channel — original title: Ming Dynasty emperor Emperor Yan: Life Album Artist PK "seated Song Huizong" "Ming emperor" seated "Ming seated" if want to shape a handsome male glow, spirited Jiujiu founding emperors, then another "Ming emperor statue", is presented after the Ming Dynasty towards Wenzhi, bearing hongkuo king image. The 10 year of the reign of Ming emperor Zhu Zhanji (1426~1435), Xuande reign. Because of his good painting, and to restore the two Song painting event as the goal, then the rule of the palace painting reached its peak, which is comparable to the sun and the Northern Song Dynasty Emperor Huizong academy. And two Emperor Huizong of Ming emperor, is not only a powerful patron palace of art, but also Chinese history’s most talented artists emperor. In order to Huizong with poem, calligraphy and painting for painting, and its own sharp thin strength as a bending iron skinny body off gold, show the dazzling style; and the Ming emperor’s paintings are drawn flowers and birds, animals, Mozhu, by the influence of literati painting, natural and elegant style. Although the artistic temperament of the two emperors was so close, their royal images showed a different feeling. The portrait of Song Huizong seems obvious: many saw a gentle amiable 3/4 side posture, facial contour lines slightly rounded, soft, beard, clean face, looked focused, wearing a red robe but not flashy. All in all, all with him as an artist and the emperor, love poetry, calligraphy and painting, elegant image of poor politics is very fit. In contrast, the Ming emperor portrait, is plump, pale red, Su Toyoshige, wearing a black gauze on the folded wing good crown, dressed in a yellow robe Yunlong embedded treasure, hand belt, another hand is placed in the knee, sitting on the throne, fine carving, showing extraordinary fortitude character. In fact, according to the "history of the Ming Dynasty", "Ming emperor ascended the throne after the official said the Ministry, the government, and discipline,…… But if the strong fan burst, was flat, edge sweep dust, the Curtis deterrent, Emperor Rui yingzi slightly, so Wu Yu Zu grams of rope." It can be seen that the Ming emperor China is really rare in the history of imperial art, this piece of "Ming emperor" is undoubtedly a statue accurately captures the extraordinary appearance and style of his lines. In addition, when it comes to the Ming emperor body belongs to a plump type, it had to be attributed to its natural gene. Originally, the father of emperor Renzong, but fat famous emperor of the Ming Dynasty, the history of everywhere for its description of obesity, even, overweight and not because of Renzong emperor favorite, several times almost lost the crown prince’s qualification. Fortunately, although the Ming emperor inherited his father fat physique, but in the Ming Dynasty the anthroposcopy daily books department practice, he will coordinate with the father as representative, rich phase. Obviously, they can be said to be popular folk fans embraced, the most popular noble emperor. (this article is reprinted from the "collection of ancient art? Read the world?" in August, WeChat public number "vintage", author Yao Zhen Liao) (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia)

明代皇帝生活相册:艺术家皇帝颜值PK–四川频道–人民网 原标题:明代皇帝生活相册:艺术家皇帝颜值PK   《宋徽宗坐像》   《明宣宗坐像》   如果《明太祖坐像》想要塑造的是一位英挺焕发、雄赳赳气昂昂的开国帝王,那么另一幅《明宣宗坐像》,所呈现的便是明朝迈向文治之后,气度弘阔的君王形象。明宣宗朱瞻基在位10年(1426~1435),年号宣德。由于他雅好丹青,并且以恢复两宋画院的盛况为目标,遂使其统治下的宫廷绘画达到鼎盛,足以与北宋徽宗的宣和画院相媲美。   宋徽宗与明宣宗二帝,不仅是宫廷艺术的有力赞助者,同时也是中国历史上最有才气的艺术家皇帝。宋徽宗以结合诗、书、画三绝的绘画表现形式,及其自创瘦劲锋利如屈铁断金的瘦金体,展现令人倾倒的风采;而明宣宗的绘画则是取材花鸟、畜兽、墨竹,深受文人画的熏陶,风格自然典雅。虽说这两位皇帝所流露出的艺术气质如此相近,但他们的御容像却呈现截然不同的感觉。宋徽宗肖像看来明显斯文可亲许多:只见其呈四分之三侧面坐姿,脸型圆润,轮廓线条柔和,略蓄胡须,面庞洁净,神情专注,身上穿着鲜红却不俗艳的衣袍。凡此种种,无不与他作为一位艺术家皇帝,且热爱诗词、书画,不善政治的文雅形象十分契合。相形之下,画像中的明宣宗,则显得体态丰腴,面色红黑,须髯丰茂,头戴乌纱上折的翼善冠,身着云龙黄袍,一手扶嵌宝腰带,另一手置于膝盖,端坐在雕饰精丽的龙椅上,显露出异于常人的刚毅性格。   事实上,据《明史》所述,明宣宗“即位以后,吏称其职,政得其平,纲纪修明,……若乃强藩猝起,旋即削平,扫荡边尘,狡寇震慑,帝之英姿睿略,庶几克绳祖武者欤。”由此可以看出明宣宗确实是中国历史上少有的文武双全帝王,这幅《明宣宗坐像》无疑很精准地捕捉到他这种超凡不群的相貌与气度。另外,若谈到明宣宗体态属于丰腴一型,就不得不归咎于其天生基因了。原来,宣宗的父亲仁宗,乃是明朝皇帝中著名的胖子,正史中随处可见对于其肥胖的描述,甚至,仁宗还因为过胖而不得明成祖喜爱,好几次都差点失去皇太子的资格。还好,明宣宗虽遗传了父亲肥胖的体质,但在明代日用类书的相术部门相法门中,仍将他与父亲明仁宗并列,视为富贵相的代表。显然,他俩可以说是深受民间粉丝拥戴、最具人气的贵气皇帝了。(本文转载自《典藏?读天下?古美术》8月号,微信公众号“典藏”,作者廖尧震) (责编:罗娟、高红霞)相关的主题文章:

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