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World Cup – South Korea reversed Qatar   Iran’s "Central Asian wolf" — Henan Net – Xinhua Beijing October 7th Sports News World Cup Asian zone qualifying round of 12 time Beijing 7 at the end of all of the third round of the contest. East Asian powerhouse South Korea 3:2 to reverse the Qatar team grabbed 3 points, Iran team defeated the Uzbekistan team on the road 1:0, two teams with 7 points to lead the A group. Chinese soccer in Xi’an lost 0:1 to Syria team, after three wars plot 1 points, ranked in the bottom second group A. The next 11 days, the Orangemen will be on the road to face Uzbekistan, who are they a year ago in the Asian Cup have defeated opponent, fight 3 points should be the primary objective of "Gao Jun". The last round is Chinese team draw with Iran team, on the same day with Hosseini scored in the twenty-seventh minute, the Uzbekistan team Liqin 1:0 away. In the home court in the first half of the South Korean team to 1:2 behind Qatar, but after the easy side by Ji Dong won the equaliser, star Sun Xingmin complete reversal. After three rounds, A group of Iran and the South Korean team with 7 points, Uzbekistan team accumulated 6 points, Syria team accumulated 4 points, China team accumulated 1 points, Qatar team zero points at the bottom. In group B, the Japanese team with fifth minutes of stoppage time lore, in the home court to 2:1 hard to repel the Iraqi team. The United Arab Emirates team beat Thailand 3:1 home court. Saudi Arabia in the home court to draw 2:2 with the Australian team. Australia and Saudi Arabia currently with 7 points, Japan and the United Arab Emirates team with 6 points, Iraq and Thailand teams are losing streak. (commissioning editor Shang Mingzhen and Xin Jing)相关的主题文章:

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