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The "Paris crisis" in the mainland set file 9.20 exposure pilot notice to save the French Sohu entertainment "Paris crisis" pilot "Paris Iraq crisis" poster – click to enter [at the TTS gun HD Photo] French action Blockbuster Entertainment Sohu "Paris crisis" terrorism officially scheduled September 20th. Recently, the film exposure pilot posters and pilot notice, showing the darkness enveloped the city, the atmosphere of crisis approaching. From the film "Eden Lake", "black woman" director James Watkins’s "Pacific Rim" in Iraq – and at the actor Darius the right game "" the young wolf "- starring Richard Madden, tells the CIA agent composed of cold and clever thief partner together to expose and uncover conspiracy case the story.     terrorism related theme of France was offline September 20th officially landed China "Paris crisis" released during the National Day in France, but the city tourism in southern France Nice terrorist attacks. Coincidentally, the film and the terrorist attacks coincide with the film, the film side to take into account the families of the victims and the public mood, forced to choose to be offline. Today, the Paris crisis officially set file in September 20th, landing the mainland big screen. The film will be released pilot posters and pilot notice, the guard shield is broken in the flames of war street, passing out the crisis alert signal, the turbulent. In 30 seconds the pilot notice, accompanied by shortness of breath, the people in the city to escape, until the bomb detonated the final countdown, unstable factors all indicates that the terrorist crisis falls. At the same time, the pursuit of the two men, fighting, black and white forces of mutual contest, it seems to reveal that the crisis is hidden behind a huge conspiracy. Multiple domain gatekeeper + addict young wolf Yan value and strength "Paris crisis" came flying by the big two strength actor, one is a British actor at the Iran – Darius. Iran Floyd Reese – Alba has worked in a number of Hollywood movies for having heard it many times in a stunning appearance, such as the "Pacific Rim" commander in Pant Coster, "Thor" in the domain of God gatekeepers, and "Crazy" in the city of animal cattle chief voice. In addition, he is still in the "FireWire", "Luther" and other high scores in Europe and the United States as the protagonist of the play, and by virtue of Luther’s wonderful performance, won the Golden Globe Award for the best male with absolute strength to play. Another man, for the love of the right game "fans familiar, he is playing the" young wolf "Rob stark Richard Madden, he is also in the last fairy tale blockbuster" Cinderella "in a corner as the prince.相关的主题文章:

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