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Hangzhou’s first tram to the Metro Line 1 and line 2 in Hangzhou this year to start building the first tram has really come, the future science and Technology City Tram bidding started, this year to start building a line 1, line 2. Before, Mr. Liu lived in Xinming Peninsula we are pleased to report: "after Shanxi Road East Tianmu Road, found that there are construction. Workers said that the rail traffic, is not the tram has begun construction?" Yesterday we also looked to the construction site, location in the vicinity of Yuhang Industrial Zone, near the No. BRT4 line Yu route south of thailand. Workers said that this is not the construction of trams, but the construction of the city of Ling’an railway, in January this year, began construction. Pro Hangzhou intercity length of 34.98 kilometers, with 12 stations in the green Ting Road station with Metro Line 3 (Planning), line 5 (under construction) transfer. But the future science and Technology City Management Committee staff said: please be assured that the tram will be built, and the future science and technology city planning 6, this plan is started in 3, completed next year; the remaining 3 start next year. Taking into account the construction of Metro Line 5 in the construction of large, the recent focus on the construction of the first phase of the first tram. The first phase of a total length of 26.3 kilometers, with more than and 40 stations (1 transfer stations), including line 1, line 2 and line 1 Depot Construction — about 16.3 kilometers west of Yuhang Street Fengxin Road, the former warehouse of the street, stop at Wuchang Street north of the tram depot, station 24 the average station spacing of 700 meters, the whole line, a run for about 40 minutes, an average speed of 25 kilometers. In the vicinity of the warehouse and subway line 5 (under construction) transfer. Length of line 2, about 10 kilometers north of the front street warehouse Hing Street, the street north to Xianlin, Wuchang Street Wuchang Avenue, station 19, the average station spacing of 530 meters, 30 minutes to run a lap, with an average speed of 20 kilometers. At Wuchang near the Metro Line 3 (Planning) transfer. In fact, the tram is not uncommon in China, Shanghai, Dalian, Tianjin, Suzhou and other cities have. Hangzhou City Planning Institute of transportation rail director Wang Feng told us the breakdown of the tram "plus": large volume, bigger than the bus rapid transit, subway is about 13; the approval is simple, the project is located in the municipal government approval, the service life of the vehicle and the subway train is environmental protection, use of electricity; drive, no air pollution, using elastic wheel drive, motor vehicle sound light than 5-10 db; comfortable running speed of about 20-25 km; the space is large, high smoothness, far better than the conventional bus. Before, Binjiang White Horse Lake and other places also have ideas, but why not fall? The track is precisely its "weakness", in addition to construction costs, also need to open up a special road, on the land of city is a bit difficult. Future technology city is a national science and Technology City, the future is likely to be "China Silicon Valley", here area, all items are in accordance with the strict implementation of the plan, which is to provide the conditions trolley pilot. In the future, not only here, tram, Metro Line 5, water bus, train station to RDFZ; Xuejun will be opened on 2018 at Yuhang Hospital; Zhejiang University hospital.相关的主题文章:

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