Our! Towed Shiba purse sale hit5杨帆

Our! Being towed Shiba zero wallet is not willing to go out for a walk and sale is on the ground and dragged Shiba also made zero wallet. Look at the picture is not already feel very sexy? The purse is a few groups of goods from the familiar FELISSIMO to the launch of the Shiba theme. The first paragraph is not willing to walk the cheek by Shiba, collar squeeze chubby. And there are special security settings oh. Help slippers Shiba, can also be hung on the door, if someone opens the door, the bell will ring shiba. Loyal dog anti-theft sticker, can be attached to the home windows, can be used to scare the evil man. However, it seems that the mother should be decorated with the majority of the effect. There will be no thief who believes that there is a dog in your house. Loyal dog alarm, on the surface is the general doll accessories, is actually down will send out alarm sound alarming. Super cute dog ass bag, can receive a variety of small things. They combined commodities so lovely, love the Shiba gentlemen soon bring these things back. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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