The successful launch of Tiangong two secret made in Sichuan to ensure emission of the minute carmex润唇膏

The successful launch of Tiangong two secret "made in Sichuan" to ensure the minute launch Tiangong two successfully launched the "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ignition!" With the exciting countdown, 22 September 15th 04, China’s first truly space lab Tiangong two launch. Provide time difference "on the table" service for the mission, is to study the China Electronic Technology Group Corporation tenth Institute in Chengdu. It undertakes the development "the equipment", "key equipment and launch center to control the emission of ignition timing T0 console, deployed at the launch center, the launch mission of the space flight control center, the relay satellite control center, satellite control center and the monitoring station. In the eyes of China Dianke 10 deputy chief engineer Lin Chai, space launch like war, commanders always ask you "on the table", define a unified time, you can move. In the aerospace engineering, "the equipment" play "on the table", the standard time signal and standard frequency signal for a variety of user equipment of the space system, make the user equipment scattered around the synchronous work in uniform time reference, as have the same kind of "pulse" and "heartbeat". Chai Lin introduced that the timing accuracy is decided by oscillator stability. For example, the error of an ordinary quartz watch is about 0.5 seconds per day. The Tiangong two "time equipment", 3000 years of error is not more than one second. This comes from China Dianke 10 self built since more than 60 years of deep accumulation in the time-frequency correlation technology. In addition, Chinese Dianke 10 also bear the dual frequency transponder for velocity measurement is developed, Tiangong two safety test system of pulse transponder. The two transponder is installed in the space between the two stages of the launch vehicle, which is responsible for the real time track measurement of the launch vehicle and to determine whether the flight is normal or not". It is understood that the related equipment China Dianke 10 undertakes the development, will also participate in the launch, orbit, docking in orbit, and the whole process of the next mission spacecraft Shenzhou eleven spacecraft. From Shenzhou one to the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft, Chinese Dianke 10 "90", in all of China’s manned space mission. In China’s major scientific and technological tasks, there is no shortage of Sichuan elements". To provide protection for the Tiangong two launch space laboratories, a month before the August 16th, "Sichuan made" the ground telescope for the world’s first quantum science experimental satellite "Mo-tse" connected world. Then earlier at the end of June, the long march rocket number seven "eyes" of the exterior ballistic measurement system is also developed by Chinese Dianke 10. Link 1] long seven eye is made in Sichuan in the evening of June 25th, the successful launch of the long march seven launch vehicle. As the "eye" of the long march seven, the exterior ballistic measurement system was developed by the Tenth Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation in Chengdu. Exterior ballistic measurement, referred to as the tracking system, it can range and velocity of carrier rocket took off after the whole process of trajectory accurately, and determine the rocket flight trajectory is normal, it is also known as the rocket’s eyes,.相关的主题文章:

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