The first task of practicing human Buddhism is to strengthen the real care naughty怎么读

The primary task of the practice of "Humanistic Buddhism" is to strengthen the reality (source: Phoenix Buddhism) should recognize that Buddhism in the priesthood of believers are lack of practical care effect on cognition is a historical reason. So it is not easy to get rid of the historical burden. For this reason, it is also the most important thing to carry out ideological emancipation in the teaching. The so-called liberation of the mind, is to learn from the Western church, the implementation of the Bodhisattva road. On the one hand is the collective behavior by the Sangha, such as the temple to directly set up various charities: medical, relief, disaster relief, pension, student etc.. In the eyes of the masses, the monastery is not only a place for monks to practice and practice, but also a place to be saved. Since the two century, the beginning of 30s, some monks or call, or force. If the master has Dixian propaganda: the salvation of the spirit of Buddha’s compassion, first to cause suffering and joy. What was wide, hard for details. And as people sick and one of the most compassionate thing, I want to be a relief emergency, should be to set up a hospital, medicine to heal, to avoid pain, that is for the salvation of suffering. Time for civilian school, cultivate destitute children, create future talent, assistant social work, Lee Ji Si also for mercy ". But since then the situation that repeatedly fluctuations, the realization of the external environment greatly impairing such aspirations; and this view has been confined to a few monks elite, not a common understanding of most monks, so until now, the reality of the suffering and joy of career is not widespread. The cause of this situation, or more specifically is that the temple performing the new mission, is the force of habit in traditional buddhism. To avoid the traditional forces mainly in two aspects. The first one is the monastic tradition of the monastery economy. This kind of tradition makes all kinds of social undertakings set up by the monastery to be considered in terms of cost or profit. If to seek economic benefits through charities, it is not in Everbright but in Buddhism, Buddhism was destroyed. The two is often inevitably stained with airs. Maintain a certain distance between the monks and the officialdom is a key point to maintain the sanctity of religion. Although the monastery founded the charity without government permission, but with some government agencies rely on too lofty will not only dilute the Buddhist charity, some officials advocated the so-called religious stage, economic singing is riddled with problems, and even make the implementation of realistic mission of Buddhism eventually all gone. In order to avoid the influence of the force of habit, it puts forward higher requirements for the principal Sangha of monks. Because it requires not only the principal monk organized leadership, he also need to get rid of the traditional knowledge and courage. This is the reality of the concern by the collective strength of the Sangha, that is, in the name of the temple to implement, rather than the general monks of the individual initiative. Many Buddhist monks in the modern world are still satisfied with the social roles they have played since the year before last and lack of initiative. The abbot of the monastery is a celebrity, they have a religious status, also have a certain political status, often appear in the newspaper or TV screen. But few of them can reflect the real concern of Buddhism to the public. So they can only be regarded as.相关的主题文章:

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